Scatter My Ashes at Target

My relationship with Target can be visualized as a montage:

Girl realizes she needs socks. Girl pulls up to Target and finds convenient parking space. Automatic doors open and wind blows girl’s hair as girl’s eyes sparkle. Girl holds up dress to body and twirls. Girl slides on sunglasses. Girl leaps down aisle whilst gently throwing scarves. Girl struggles to carry plant vase and throw pillow simultaneously. Girl pushes cart full of shoe boxes. Girl swipes credit card and laughs maniacally. Girl gets home and realizes she still needs socks.

And, scene.

I go to Target for ONE thing and often leave with 2 full outfits and 3 new skincare regimens. From what I gather, many experience this same phenomenon. Thank you, Target, for your great deals and trendy assortment of household goods and apparel.

Both of these dresses are from Target’s collaboration with the ultra-trendy, Fashion Union and they are BOTH on sale. The dress on the left is currently $23.99 and the one on the right is $20.99! And let me tell you, quality is not sacrificed. Not only are the patterns unique and fun, the materials are great and the fits are fabulous. They each have a really comfortable frame and don’t require any “sucking in” for photos, ya feel me? The retro shift dress on the right is made of suede and has fun side cutouts:


What excited me about this dress was that it was so different from anything I own. Mock neck? Suede? Pattern resembling a luxurious carpet? Yep, don’t own it. When I saw the price I had no problem gingerly placing it in my red cart.


This dress is also unlike anything else I own for a few reasons: 1-pattern, 2-front draw strings, 3-it has a 70’s style collar! My hair is in the way of this collar in every, single picture I took, so-note to self! Try a top bun with this dress!

The boots are also from Target. These, as well as an assortment of OTK boots, were priced at $49.99 at the time. (Key phrase being, at the time.) For right now? They are $26.99! STEAL.

Most of the boots I have my eyes on these days are around $200.00. If you’re like me and can’t afford that at the moment, head to Target or just get clicking! I’ve been layering OTK socks under these and, resultantly, feeling extra good about my purchase.


The sunglasses and hat I paired with the paisley floater were each from Nordstrom. The sunglasses were $12.00 and the hat was on sale for $10.80. The white crossbody bag that I wore with the shift dress is from TopShop, which I also got on sale for what I want to say: $24.00. BOY, AM I GOOD OR WHAT?

Photos by: Shelby Eckerty


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