A Wedding, Captured

Photography is awesome, isn’t it?


Whether it’s done with a DSLR, a polaroid camera, or a smartphone, we value the pictures we take. We store our moments away in albums, we have social media accounts dedicated to them, and if our houses were to burn down tomorrow, there would probably be a few we wouldn’t want to lose.

Daughter, Sofia Tarango

The wedding between Ashley and Cesar Tarango is the first, and only, wedding that I have had the pleasure of capturing. I’ve been so busy trying to get this here degree!–I haven’t reached out to anyone for another opportunity. Yet.  

Ashley, a beautiful, smart, hilarious woman, also happens to be a dear friend of mine! She knew I was a budding photographer and, kindly, allowed me to capture her big day. I was beyond excited! (And secretly shaking in my combat boots.)

I mean, you want to talk capturing important moments? We are talking her wedding day, people! Can you imagine f%*!ing up someone else’s wedding pictures? I shudder. 

(Spoiler: everything turned out great!)


I learned that (in capturing an event) if you have a good subject, know how to compose your shot, know how to use your equipment, and have the right equipment (shout out to Wesley Kirk and Erin Summerlin for being as kind to trust me with their Canon 5D and 50mm 1.2 lens!) then you just cannot fail. This experience also reiterated two things that I have always firmly believed in: 1-there is no time like the present and 2-it feels great to step out of your comfort zone.

Weddings are now my favorite subject to capture. The adrenaline after this night was the authentic type of adrenaline that comes along with discovering something you want to do for the rest of your life.

I have never been the type of person to put a lot of thought into what my wedding will be like. I’ll think about it when the time comes, you know? I have never understood why people obsess over a day so far away and potentially non-existent (yikes).

But now I get the obsession! It is truly such a magical and wonderful day! No wonder people can’t help dreaming about it! It is the day you celebrate and glorify a relationship you have found so essential to your soul that you plan on being in it for the rest of your life. 

Das big. (And makes for an awesome subject!)


I love being the one responsible for capturing this big day. It is rewarding and self-fulfilling. And honestly, so fun. All the planning is done before you get there! When I arrived, I was ooing and awwing and just snap-snap-snapping away!



The Flour Mill: McKinney, TX

The feel of this wedding was extravagant and modest at the same time. The setting was timeless and the atmosphere was cozy. The venue was romantic and matched the effortless type of love exuding from the bride and groom.





This was last summer and I was very much a novice. You have to start somewhere and I will be forever grateful to Ashley, Cesar, and their families for this incredible opportunity, the invaluable experience, the knowledge I acquired, and the delicious cake.


cowboysCowboys, anyone?IMG_0939IMG_1080


And they are living happily ever after–with baby number two on the way! Congratulations, guys! The baby shower is next weekend and I will be there, camera in hand!