Jersey Girl

Looking for that casual, I’m laid-back, I’m-fun, I can hang with the boys, I’m down-to-earth, I like to eat and drink, I didn’t put a lot of effort into this but I kind of did, look? Well! Jerseys are great for this! They add personality to your outfit and, you know what, they are pretty good ice breakers too. Rep yo’ city!

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All photos in this post by: Martinus Anton Smith II

Whether I’m pairing my (Detroit) jersey with skinnies and a strappy heel or leggings and converse–what makes the “sporty spice” ensemble fun to me is the usage of the old adage: opposites attract. Wear a jersey and add some feminine touches to it!

For example, making them into dresses and pairing them with heeled boots!

(Minimal effort and lots of breathing room make for a happy me. No sucking in required here!)

My favorite way to wear a (Detroit) jersey is: over-sized. I consider jerseys as valuable as a dress from Nordstrom. (Jerseys can get expensive, guys.) Hang them up next to your other casual dresses!

I wore a white mini-dress under this super comfy Redwings jersey from Reebok. (Certain brands have deals with different sports and different teams over time.) Also, I suggest buying from the men’s section. Like I said, opposites attract. I like the authenticity and the structure of men’s jerseys. This jersey is a men’s medium.

I put some warm, black, OTK socks under my boots for an extra layer, wore a white, cross-body bag from TopShop for convenience, and brought my Redwings beanie along to prove I’m a real fan.
(Smile and wink.)


Even if you’re having a good hair day or your ears just don’t need warming–bringing a hat along can still add to your outfit! If you’re like me and appreciate small details, having the colorful poof of your beanie popping out of your purse is cute! As for snapbacks, I like hanging those off the straps of my purse.

Well, that about concludes this post! Whether you’re going to a game, a bar, or just want to do something different for a “casual” look, I hope this gave you some inspiration. Feel free to let me know how you style your jerseys!



Photographer’s Instagram: @digitalluhv
Makeup Artist’s Instagram: @rdgmakeup