RIP, 2015

Hello from the other side, guys! 2016 is here and I am feeling, the most common of new year’s feelings: optimistic!

Golden hour from the top of The Davis Building, Dallas

Before I start, I promise I didn’t cheesily plan my NYE outfit to reflect the overarching theme to my new year’s resolutions so I could make a blog post about it, it just happened to happen that way, okay?!

Alright. Now that we have passed that. I shall proceed.

Jumpsuit from TopShop

Usually, my new year’s resolutions are hastily decided between the passing of plates at NYE dinner. I never start off the year with enough “concrete” plans. Well, 2015 has had me thinking about ways to improve myself weeks, if not months, prior to the start of any Twilight Zone marathons. Old habits die hard, folks, and I am more than ready to say RIP to several tendencies of mine that have become just, so last year.

Trusty blazer from H&M

I don’t think it’s necessary to give you all the hopeful details of my resolutions of choice, but I will sum them up! In short, 2016 is all about–bidness.

Business before pleasure, everyone! It’s a simple concept which I didn’t appreciate till as of late. In terms of financial obligations and social distractions, I’m really craving a grounded lifestyle.

I should mention that most of my upcoming business will be pleasure. WhOo!

I always spread myself really thin. I like being busy. I have been nonstop, since, forever. I doubt that will ever change.

I love being involved. That means I’ll take on projects, organize, plan, collaborate, travel, read, exercise, and make sleep minimal because I’d rather be social. For someone who chooses to be so “occupied,” I have an… impressively… laid-back mindset and tend to “go with the flow” to a flaw. I’m really good at finding solutions to problems but wouldn’t it be nice if I could prevent the problems from occurring in the first place?

2015 slapped me with a reality check. Where are you going with your life, it said? Where have your past experiences left you now, it said? Get your s#*t together and be a responsible adult, it said!

Aren’t these heels from Aldo awesome?

Like my NYE outfit, my 2016 is going to be structured. My motives are simple but driven. I’m going to put all my focuses into my strengths, rather than dabbling in whatever I’m capable of. Like a black pantsuit paired with purple, glittery, disco heels–I’m going to keep 2016 simple and let my statements take the spotlight. I need to grab life by the reins and start moving with some direction. I’ve been doing what I love for years now, it’s time to make sense of it all and turn it into a living.

Studying film and television, writing, acting, photography, story-telling–I feel great about life. In the past, I did not give my passions the time they deserved. I allowed myself to be distracted a lot. And I had a lot of fun.

But if you take on a lot of responsibilities, you need to make sacrifices in other areas of your life so that you can show up to your responsibilities in full uniform, J’s on your feet, and dunk on errbody.

In the career field I’m pursuing, I get more self-fulfillment from working than I do playing. So I’m going to start choosing working more. If you have people you love and you are chasing your dreams, you are doing okay. I’m 24, I’ve had plenty of time to play, trust me, I’m very ready to get serious.

A whiter shade of pale

I’ve learned that, if you’re doing what you are passionate about, what you are meant to do–the universe responds to you and things in life click into place one by one. That might sound cheesy to you but man, I believe it! I’ve really gotten to know myself quite well in the years after graduating from high school. I have a strong sense of intuition and I feel at peace thinking that there is a responsive, shared energy within the universe and all of us. Alright, I’m about to go in an entirely different direction so let me just reel you back in before this turns into a philosophy essay.

If you’re scared I am ready to jump in the left picture, do not be worried.

I hope the start of 2016 has you feeling optimistic, as well. There’s nothing like a fresh start. There have already been a lot of sad updates on the local news at the beginning of 2016. People make bad choices, choices that affect other people’s lives, and decisions that keep them stuck in the past. If we could all just choose to be better and stick to it… decide you want to be a better person and, when presented the opportunity, start making the choices that better person would make… I wonder where our relationships, goals, and world would be.

In a lifetime where there is so much you can’t control, I think a big reason I want to get “serious” in 2016, is because I would like to at least feel in control of myself.

Countdown at our favorite sports bar in downtown Dallas, Frankie’s

Cheers to you all, I hope your 2015 was badass and that 2016 builds on top of it. If you’re like me, I hope you had a great time celebrating the end of 2015, are ready to kiss the coffin, and are clicking your heels as you go into the new year. Don’t let time slip away, there is no time like the present, right? Leggo.



Photographer: Simran Malik
(Instagram: @simranmalik)

Outfit Details:
TopShop Jumpsuit – On sale for $55.00!

The purple heels are from Aldo but I got them, in what I want to say, was 2010. I can’t find them online now but Aldo never fails, so I would still check out their site for some heel inspo.
Aldo Heels

Purple wallet and sliver hoops were quick buys from Target hours before going out. Target “came in clutch,” get it? Target has SO many cute wallets online–happy browsing!
Target Wallets

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