I’m sure a lot of you clicked on this post in hopes of reading about 36th U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson. To you, I must say I am sorry for misleading you.


Good day fellow style lovers! Today’s post features, what I’m calling, the LBJ, a.k.a. the “little black jumpsuit.”

I say, “what I’m calling,” as if no-one else has ever called it this before. This, I’m sure, is untrue. Moving on!


To be upfront, I cannot find this Zara jumpsuit online. However! I will provide a link to their jumpsuits anyways, as I think they are all worthy purchases and they are currently having a great sale.

My main focus in this post is to explain why I think an LBJ is essential to your closet by giving you three reasons it is essential to mine.

1-it’s black. Ha. 

For the same reasons the LBD is classic, versatile and chic, so is an LBJ. Black is universally flattering, amirite? Not only am I a big fan of all black errythang, but I also like to think of black clothes as a great canvas for pops of color. In this case, my pop of color is my red boots. Red felt right in combination with this jumpsuit because the piece has a vintage feel to it thanks to its ruffles and sheer fabric.

Outfit details and links are at the bottom of the page!

2-it might as well be called a playsuit.

Remember Sound of Music and all of the clothes Maria made out of curtains for the children to romp around the mountains of Austria in? She made play clothes fit for the children of a sea captain! I could go running through some fields with this thing on and happily sing about my natural surroundings being alive! Rompers, in general, fit my personality because I like to be comfortable. I can feel free to sit however I please and hop around wherever I’d like, without having to worry about what my clothes are doing. In a jumpsuit with a short length, you can look cute and dressed up while feeling really laid back. We all need that every now and then.

See, I’m being playful!

3-it’s unique.

The structure and style of an LBJ will never have you feeling boring. They have a different air to them than dresses have. Since it is one piece, you can pull this out of your closet and have an outfit that looks put together without doing too much thinking! That’s nice when you didn’t plan anything and are in a rush to get out the door. (Me almost every day.) I brought the tights out on this occasion because I knew it was going to be a little cooler outside than normal. I threw on a hat from Nordstrom because I had a first-time-with-coconut-oil-in-hair fiasco and wanted to do what I could to act like it didn’t happen. Bada bing, bada boom! Outfit complete with minimal effort.

This ring is from Stella & Dot

Zara made this jumpsuit very unique. I’m so in love with the combination of fabrics and the ruffling detail. I could wear a colored bra under this instead of black, over the knee boots if I wanted, or a great pair of stilettos in order to stray away from the comfort zone and polish things up. Versatility, y’all!

I really like how sheer tops look with blazers over them, but since these sleeves have a bell quality to them, I opt away from adding any more layers.

Well, if you aren’t already benefiting from an LBJ in your wardrobe, I highly recommend you join in on the fun! Feel free to tell me about your favorite ways to wear a romper and rock a short pantsuit.




All photos by Shelby Eckerty
Her Instagram: @shelbyeckerty

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