The Dress Code

Ah, the beginning of another semester! School is back in session and I feel inspired to talk about one of my favorite looks and one of my favorite role models. (Hint: As If!) To my fortune, I grew up in a pivotal time for fashion: the 90’s. I am a bi-product of the Clueless Era and, amongst the other useful things Dion and Cher Horowitz have taught me, one is how to put a pair of high socks and a mini together. Combine that knowledge with the contemporary discovery that everything looks good with a moto jacket and we have an edgy twist on Cher’s preppy vibes!

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Tall socks and mini skirts/dresses are a go to style choice for me. I think it’s a smart look, it’s easy to do, you have layering options, and it’s got a hotness factor to it! However, that being said, these types of outfits need balance in order to keep the Cher Horowitz class act attached to it. You’re wearing a mini and unique socks–attention is being drawn to your stems! So it’s visually appealing when you keep the top half classy and covered up by utilizing layers and collared shirts. Wear a long blouse underneath a sweater, a vest over a button up, a collar underneath a dress–the possibilities are endless and they all look awesome!

If you’re showing some thigh, a conservative top half helps you maintain a classic look

I buy a lot of my socks from Forever 21. They’re inexpensive, come in a lot of different colors, and are a good, thin material which fits the purposes of these outfits.

Under both dresses in this post I wore lace shorts from the Victoria’s Secret swimwear line

These two looks have more in common than the lengths of the dresses and the style of the socks! In both outfits, I am wearing ankle boots, have a backpack in tow, am wearing fabric up to my collar, and am sporting a moto jacket. This look is so easy to do and just about every component is interchangeable.

What’s interesting is I paid over $100 for the black Express jacket and under $40 for the brown Forever 21 jacket.

This look does not have to be expensive. The similiraties in these outfits come from very different price ranges. You can put together a dynamite Clueless inspired look for under a bill or turn some heads in a compilation of your designer studs.
You can like totally be sporadic with it and if you don’t think it’s easy to look like a betty then you are totally buggin.
See what I did there?

Like I said, socks from Forever 21 are great. They usually come with a few in one package, too. In the picture on the left, with the checkered dress from Nordstrom, I am wearing H&M ankle boots which are generally in the $30 to $40 dollar range. In the picture on the right with the striped dress from Zara, I am wearing ankle boots from TopShop, which can range from $60 to $90.

The black moto jacket from Express cost about $135 while the brown moto jacket from Forever 21 was about $34. I found the black backpack at TJ Maxx a few years ago and it was also in the $30 dollar range. Whereas the brown backpack is from Michael Kors and was on the upward side of $100 from their outlet store. The Nordstrom and Zara dress were each around $30 as the Zara one was on sale at the time of purchase.

Not bad! Especially as I reuse each item over and over and pretty much only replace the dress with either: another dress or a skirt + blouse + sweater combo.

If you have a slick eye you’ve already noticed that I decided the brown backpack doesn’t look bad with the black and red either!

Okay, so if you aren’t already wearing this look in the classroom or on the streets, I hope you feel inspired to try it out! If you are a fellow Clueless lover then you will have a lot of fun with it. I wouldn’t say this about most styles, but, I feel that this look does have an age range that works best with it. So I’m going to wear-it-out (punny, I know) while I can. However, the fashion rule I adhere most to is: if you feel good in it, rock it.


On to the good stuff! Outfit links! I am providing exact item links and then links to similar items if I couldn’t find the same item I purchased in store, online.



All photos by Simran Milak
Her Instagram: @simranmalik

Outfit Links:

The Dresses:
Sleeveless dresses look great with a blouse underneath but long sleeved shirts and dresses are also taken to another level with a collar poking out or a longer sleeve rolled underneath it.
Nordstrom Plaid Shift Dress
TopShop Mock Neck Shift Dress
Teen Spirit Plaid Dress

I can no longer find the Zara dress but here is a similar one, with a mock neck, from Forever 21!
Forever 21 Mock Neck Striped Dress

The Jackets:
Forever 21 Moto Jackets come in so many awesome colors! They are crazy cheap too at about $33 each! Go, go, go!
Forever 21 Moto

Express jackets are of great quality and come in the classic colors. The one I have on in black also comes in a pretty brown! They’re selling at $118 and lower right now!
Express Moto

The Backpacks:

While the Michael Kors backpacks are more expensive than the ASOS backpacks, both have their pros and cons and it’s up to you as an individual to decide what’s important to you!

Michael Kors Backpacks
ASOS Backpacks

The Boots:

In look and price, these H&M boots are most similar to the black ones I bought. However, check all of H&M’s ankle boots out! They’re beautiful and won’t break the bank.
Black H&M Ankle Boots

These are the exact same brown, TopShop boots I’m wearing but you should also check out the rest.
Be Mine Brown TopShop Ankle Boots