Two-Timin’: Dresses as Tops

“I don’t know what to wear,” she says.
“I have nothing to wear,” she says.
“I need to go shopping,” she says.


If you’re like me, you tend to spend money like you have it because, hello, clothes are so, totally worth it. They are investments and blah, blah, blah.

I am very much a new-event-new-outfit type of girl. A lot of people are. Why? Because we hate feeling boring. That is my certified psychological assessment. That’ll be $10. You may pay through the link at the bottom of the page.

However! I feel the best when I am a Frugal Frannie and actually take the time to recycle pieces into outfits that I can make feel like new.

Because then I can afford alcohol. Yaaay, alcohol.

One of my favorite ways to avoid a “quick trip” to the mall is to wear my dresses as “shirts.” I will tuck any minidress into a skirt and bada-bing, bada-boom, I don’t feel boring! Not only do I feel like I have a new shirt on but I also get to have fun adding any color/pattern/texture that I want to a piece that would otherwise be worn solo dolo.


So, above is the dress in question. It is a perfect candidate for a “mockshirt,” because it is 1-short in length 2- thin in material and 3- tight. If the dress has too much material it will bulk up your skirt and, depending on what kind of skirt you are wearing, the length of the dress needs to fit accordingly. Most of the time my dress will fall at a slightly longer length than my skirt–so I just raise the already tucked in dress up a little and let the waist of my skirt hold it in place.


This dress is from TopShop (similar dress) and the button up skirt is from H&M. I wear both of them a lot. Surprisingly, I wear the dress as a shirt more than I wear it as a dress. I’ve worn it multiple times with a white mini skirt and calf-colored mini, as well.
Fun, fun, fun.

The boots pictured here are from Nordstrom Rack. At the end of each season Nordstrom Rack has amazing sales. (Check out what they have now through that link, seriously, awesome.) I got the black OTK boots and three other pairs each for less than $40. Steal.


I wore a leather jacket from Express (similar) in this version of the dress/skirt combo. The long vest (similar) you see paired with the dress by itself is also from TopShop. The tassel necklace I was gifted from Forever21 ages ago but you can explore other options on Nordstrom and Polyvore.

If you haven’t already tried doing this before, I hope this post has you brainstorming. I get compliments all. of. the. time. on my “shirts,” and people are usually pleasantly surprised when I tell them it’s a dress!

Happy shopping–er, or, recycling!



Top/Skirt Combo Pictures
taken by: Erin Summerlin
of @pearlstreetphoto

Dress/Vest Pictures
taken by: Shelby Eckerty