Spring Lookbook 2016 | Collab

Outfit Details and Motivation to Create Your Own Video Cookbook Lookbook

(every* time I type “lookbook,” it gets autocorrected to “cookbook,” and I am about to lose my *%#!^ mind)


Hello! I hope this post finds you well! I’m currently trying to type without getting alfredo sauce on my keypad!

That information is unrelated to the topic. My english teachers always got on to me for being superfluous. But if you are going to start reading my blog any type of regularly, it’s good that I am myself from the beginning, right? So as to not create any false pretenses of what to expect from my writing in the future: I am not concise!

Alright, now that we know each other a little more, let’s get down to business!
(…to defeat, the Huns!)
(Ah, sorry, any time that phrase gets brought up I immediately think of Mulan.)
(Yes, I know I look like her, I’ve been told that since I was ten.)


This Spring Lookbook was shot at the beginning of March. (I have included the link to the video at the bottom of the post and have listed all of the outfit details, in order of appearance, inside the YouTube description box.) The filming process, as a whole, took about twelve hours. (I’m counting the time it took us to eat lunch.)

By us, I am referring to my two friends: Kris Marie and Austin Crow.

Find them on IG! @KrisMarieArtistry & @AustineCrow

These two studs are much more talented than I. You’ll be scrolling their accounts for days! Kris is an IG babe who has established a great reputation for her makeup looks and Austin, not only has a great sense of humor, but also gets to take his camera all around the world for the nonprofit organization, MannaWorldwide!

Life hack: surround yourself with talented people.
They will make you better… and make you look better! (Wink.)

Tip #1
Squad Goals

  • Find people you want to work with and do not be afraid to reach out to them. Reach out to people whose work you admire and vibes you dig. Heck, reach out to 3, 4, 5 at a time and don’t get attached to hearing back from them! Keep going! Someone–or many–will want to work with you, too! Be thankful and excited for those who do reciprocate and start building!
  • Once you’ve established a rapport with someone, make sure they are people who make you feel comfortable! (A big part of social networking is meeting new people.) You have to find a way to be sure you can trust these new people and feel open working with them in a creative environment.*Side note: Depending on what you are using your content for, if you are the subject/model in the situation, I highly suggest agreeing on deadlines before going into a project/collaboration. The majority of your work is done during the preparation and shooting process. Establishing a framework for deadlines ensures that you will see return on your work in a timely fashion without any awkward: “heyy…so… like… when can I get my pictures so I can finish my blog post before (insert personal goal) is over?”
  • Utilize each of your strengths. Bring the best of you to the table and find people who can make up for what you lack. I’m honestly not very good at doing makeup for the camera, so, it’s always such a luxury when I can trust someone else to do it for me when going into a shoot… ya feel me?
  • The People I Worked With

I met Kris in high school and I met Austin in college. Aside from just being cool people, I knew that I wanted to work with them because I respect the content they create!

Kris and I met up one day because, much to my gratitude,  she commented on one of my newbie fashion posts saying we should collaborate!

Being a film student, there is little I appreciate more than the process of collaboration. Kris and I sat down at a local coffee shop, brain storming post ideas related to style and makeup for about an hour. It wasn’t until the very end of our conversation that we were like, hey, how fun would it be to go all out and do a video lookbook?

Kris has already established a wonderful presence for herself on YouTube, I know a lot of young filmmakers thanks to school–we both got really excited about our shared interest in digital media and decided to combine sources/forces!

Once we decided on the type of looks we wanted to do, we both agreed that we wanted to set our standards high in terms of who we reached out to as our videographer.

We were super lucky Austin was so eager to jump on board. He is seriously so talented. He has a great eye for visual aesthetic plus a style and pace that Kris and I both adore. The dream team had been established!

Natalie3.jpg copy

Life hack: think of ideas and write them down for later.

Tip #2
Just Do It
(I feel like a sports brand has already used this phrase but the name just isn’t coming to me…)

  • If you already have an idea get excited and run with it! Everything starts with an idea, right? JUST DO IT. STOP MAKING EXCUSES. I understand, outside sources can get in the way sometimes, etc. etc., but don’t you dare be the one holding yourself back, K?!
  • *Sidenote: When seeking new goals, if you happen to find yourself being afraid of something, really think about what it is that you are fearing and why. Fear holds you back in some of the worst ways! Be careful about what you fear.
  • Kris and I didn’t even know what we wanted to do, we just knew we wanted to work with each other! Ha. We were set on thinking of an idea and once we had one, there was nothing holding us back! We just wanted to create something that we could be proud of. I’m new to the blogosphere/vlogosphere but what I’ve picked up on early and try to reiterate to myself is: care about your content.
  • “Just do it,” means set things into action. Once you have established an idea–make it happen by setting dates and communicating.Be the one to take initiative. Ask the people involved when their availability is. Make a schedule and follow through.Pick a day to meet up and talk creatively. Make sure everyone is on the same page. Make a list of tasks and find out, realistically, how much time everyone needs in order to do what. Then, set a shoot date.Our lookbook was filmed over the course of one day. If you guys can’t find a day where you are all free for its entirety, pick a few evenings/mornings to shoot. If you’re shooting outside, think about what lighting is going to flatter you (early morning and sunset are the prime times).
  • *Sidenote: Austin brought a light reflector with him so, during times of the day when the sunlight was hard to work with, sweet Kris picked up some skills for her filmmaker resumé by constantly seeking ways to reflect it onto me!denimLife hack: cool places make for cool pictures. (Social media gurus, can I get a hand in the air?)

    Tip #3
    Location, location, location!

  • Do your ideas justice by giving yourself backdrops that impress. Find out what mood you are going for and drown yourself in it. A lot times, location can make or break your content.
  • Plan ahead. Scout out your locations. Find out where you are allowed to shoot, what places are going to charge you for shooting there, and plan accordingly.*Sidenote: Austin has a drone and we were all so excited to put it to use for this video! How cool would that have been? Unfortunately, the location we thought we could launch the drone from (the top of a parking garage) we, in fact, could not. Lol. Austin had cleared it with… the local air zone people? I don’t know who one contacts for that but I know that he did!… but then a couple parking garage security guards kindly informed us that we had to move along. We had just set up the shot and were so disappointed! But hey, something to look forward to for next time, right? 


Through Instagram and Facebook, I’ve been promoting this Spring Lookbook as the launch of my YouTube Channel–but if you haven’t already seen it, here is the link! I hope you get a kick out of our work and enjoy the outfits! But more than anything, I hope you leave this post feeling inspired!

Let me know what your thoughts are. If you’ve already created a lookbook that you want to share, please point me in its direction!

Spring Lookbook 2016 | YouTube Collab