I’m someone who likes to go nonstop.

The world is my oyster! I’m going to swerve through each day/week/month like there’s never a need to look back and everything is going to be okay because I’m always doing what I love and I keep myself so busy I can never really be lonely because I have enough going on and enough people I’m required to talk to throughout the day and if anything I need to organize alone time for myself, really, and life is good and I think, if needed, I could be happy by myself for a really long time because I’ll never do myself wrong and I’m such an artsy person I’m continually creating aka building so there’s only going up from here and there’s no point in really relying on other people because I rely on myself and at the end of the day no-one else really owes me anything so I will never be too attached to expectations and—-OMG.  

Humans are great, guys.

No matter how annoying, frustrating, and confounding you may find the majority of society–humans are great. And when you get that awesome feeling of really being able to connect with one, well, that’s something worth cherishing, folks!

I’m not saying I don’t appreciate brief encounters but, let’s take a moment to appreciate the people we kiss the ground for. The people we love talking to all day errday, the people who make us laugh, the people who get it, and the people who want us to be happy.

And for Drake. Let’s be thankful for Drake.
(Have you listened to Views? Cause I’ve listened to it on repeat since it dropped and okay moving on..)


1. Authentic Conversation 

Real recognize real, amirite? Lately, I’ve been really feeling the difference between real conversation and conversation that is just getting us by. And omg am I thankful for the real.

What are the best feelings in the world? What are you afraid of? Is there anything worth fearing? What habits are a part of you but hinder you? Why do you think we are here? How long has the light from that star been traveling to earth before it reaches a point to where we can see it?

I mean it doesn’t always have to be topics like that, but those are a few topics I’ve discussed lately and, one hand in the air, those talks are what I live for.

Whether we are venting about everyday things or talking about life in general, I have been trying to make sure that I, at least, am always authentic in what I’m saying in conversation. Cut the bull, you know? 

Naturally, this applies to the way you listen, too. Don’t you love a good listener? You can tell when someone is really listening to you.

Sometimes I find myself thinking of a million other things while the other person is talking. That is bad. Be present in the conversation! Look at the person. Look at their eyes! Appreciate them! What are they saying and why are they saying it? We have to really listen and receive so we can respond authentically! 

Cheers to good conversation, guys.

2. Keep it Weird 

Weird is subjective but I would like to objectively say that I can get pretty weird.

I am just basing this off of the encounters I’ve had, the data I’ve collected, and the feedback I’ve gotten from other “normal” people.

Apparently my ideas, ways of passing time, and personal tendencies are “out there.” 

That’s okay. I’m not offended. 

I was a little at one point. I mean, not so much offended as entering into the realm of existential crises: Who am I? Why am I, what is, weird? What do I look like to these people? What is a weirdo? 

Alright, anyways, I have really come to appreciate the people I can be myself and, aka, get weird with. When I have ideas and people just go with it and we can laugh and be glad about it. When other people have ideas and I’m like, wow, okay yeah let’s do that! And then we can laugh about it.

It’s just great.

I mean, come on, we all have a little weird in us, right? Yeah. Whatever. Everyone is weird. There’s just some people who are more comfortable letting out their weird in front of other people than others. But when you do find that special someone–I know your weird comes out, too!

So, cheers to the people who don’t judge you for your own personal weirdness and who, in fact, compliment your weirdness, and even better, promote your weirdness with their own weirdness.

3. Right Hand

Who can you trust? 

Who would never do anything to hurt you? What person would never let someone else say something bad about you (they themselves can be critical of you but other people can’t be critical of you, nawmsayin)?

Who really has your best interests at heart?

Trust is big. We all know that and we’ve all been told that but when you feel that? When you feel like you can trust someone? Fully trusting someone with my everything is rare but when I can, it’s relieving and it’s grounding. 

Lately I’ve realized how appreciative I am for the people that I can really trust. The people that “have my back” and want what’s best for me just as much as I want what’s best for them, want to see me happy just as much as I want to see them happy, and are as open to me as I am open to them.

It’s nice being able to support someone you care about and know that they support you. It’s nice to show someone you believe in them and for them to show you they believe in you. That’s team building right there.

I moved around a lot growing up and got used to friends coming and going. And it was fine! I love making new friends. I like having fun. New people are fun.

But now that I’ve started to see what it’s like to have relationships that are long lasting–I appreciate what it’s like to want someone around in the future. 

So cheers to the gems, guys. The people you wanna keep and you feel good inside because you know they want to keep you, too! Das love.

4. Reliable

I’m going to be there for you when you want to have fun and go out and explore and adventure and run and take leaps and succeed and smile and celebrate and look pretty and be comfortable and do everything right. 

I’m also going to be there for you when you want to stay in and you make the same mistake and you forget and you cry and you’re stressed and you hide and you look ugly and everything’s your fault and you’re tired and you’re the victim and you suck.

That’s reliable.

5. Time is Nothing but a Space

I’m going to keep this one simple.

You know, those people that, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen them, you can pick up right where you left off? 

That feels good, too. Those relationships are real, too.

6. You Read All The Way Up To Here

Wow. I am not concise. At all. And you’ve read to here? I appreciate you. 

These points sum up where my mind has been as of late in terms of relationships. If you have anything you’d like to add–things that you really appreciate within a relationship–feel free to share in the comments! Whether it’s lengthy or straight to the point, I’d be happy to know what you appreciate within your relationships with other people.

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