Cold Shoulder | Loose, Off The Shoulder Dress

We’ve seen it before:

The effortless look of the off the shoulder top!

The conservative allure of an exposed collarbone!

The, “oh-look-at-me-fondly-while-I-laugh-naturally-at-my-friend’s-joke-and-my-clothing-casually-hangs-off-my-body-in-this-ethereal-way,” swag!

Well. Just in time for the warm weather, the “cold shoulder” trend is sweeping up the market and I couldn’t be happier. 

zspurse (1)

In the past, I’d be browsing at a store, think that I had come across an off the shoulder top, get excited, and then be disappointed when I realized it was, in fact, a skirt.


But no really, I used to wonder why there weren’t more off the shoulder items available! So, now that the style is available practically everywhere, I–in humble appreciation of wholesalers far and wide–have shown my support via growth in closet. Gotta show ’em their decisions matter, right?

(Wrong. Stop spending money, Natalie, just stop.)


This off the shoulder (OTS) dress is from Zara, all cotton, and extremely comfortable. I throw it on and it feels like I’m running around town in my bedsheets! Sound of Music, anyone? Oh wait, Maria used curtains.


Look! Aren’t the stripes and the buttons cute? It’s got that “I stole this from my hot businessman boyfriend and he wasn’t even mad when he realized I turned it into a dress” look.

It’s currently $39.90 and you can find it here: Zara Striped Off The Shoulder Dress.

The flowers are a nice little touch to the vibe of this outfit, right? That addition is in thanks to a local homeless man.

He gave them to me if I promised my first child in return.

No, no, he was extremely kind and deserved much more than I could give him.


Here’s the link to this Zara dress one more time in case you missed it amongst my ramblings:

Zara Off The Shoulder Striped Dress

I hope you have been enjoying spring thus far and the clothes that have come along with it! Have you been stocking up on off the shoulder tops and dresses? Have you been fashioning items you already own into off the shoulder styles? 

As always, feel free to reach out and I hope you are doing well!



Photos by: Shelby Eckerty
Instagram: @shelbyeckerty

5 thoughts on “Cold Shoulder | Loose, Off The Shoulder Dress

    1. Oh my most loyal reader! Lol, yay, thank you so much, beautiful! I appreciate you and I’m so glad you enjoyed!! Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are having a great weekend, as well! Xoxo


  1. Had so much fun reading this! 😀 I’m in love with the off shoulder trend as you know. I really hope it lasts!!
    Fantastic pictures, fantastic dress, fantastic girl! Have a great weekend my dear!



    1. Yes!!! Lol honestly, I think I’m about to run to Zara now. It’s Friday, it’s beautiful outside, I can just hear the store calling! Thanks for the sweet compliments, babe! Hope you’re having a great day!!


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