Pizza at Earl’s 377 | New Atmosphere in North Texas

Hey North Texas, Argyle’s got a new pizza joint and let me tell ya, it does not disappoint!

(I didn’t mean to rhyme there, please don’t let that negate the credibility of this post.)

Address: 427 Highway 377 N. Argyle, TX

Even if you don’t live in Argyle or its surrounding cities (Denton, Lewisville, Flower Mound)–it’s okay! I’m dubbing Earl’s 377 a destination location for, not only its superb, made-to-order, brick oven pizza, but also, its special story and overall aesthetic.


Patio-lovers, rejoice!
This restaurant has plenty of outdoor seating and the vibes are just what summer evenings ordered.

My friend and I arrived at Earl’s right before sunset on the day of its grand opening and we weren’t entirely sure of what to expect from the restaurant’s atmosphere. I knew that the people behind the concept were the same people who brought Barley & Board to the DFW area, so, that was enough to feed my curiosity.

However, from the relaxed look of the couples sipping wine at the outdoor bar to the preoccupied demeanor of the kids adventuring around the lounge area, the atmosphere was quickly communicated! Earl’s 377 is: laid-back, family friendly and… an interesting mix of oxymorons!

By that I mean that it is–

  1. Industrially Rustic (lots of wood, resourceful furniture, accents inspired by things you would find in a shed, sturdy bar tops and tables)

2. Traditionally Modern (old-fashioned background story involving Earl, WWII and his wife Isabella, the building is a renovated fire station, trendy menu items) and-

3. Simplistically Unique (two-paged menu with varieties you can’t just find anywhere).
Two thumbs up, guys.

IMG_8429The outdoor lounge area is spacious and filled with quirky, mismatched furniture items
IMG_8432Wooden panels and resourceful decorations give the restaurant a rustic look
The sturdy infrastructure of the renovated fire station give Earl’s an industrial feel and reflect the strength of the restaurant’s quality

Another way Earl’s proves that opposites attract is in the act of eating itself. The Italian inspired, carb-laden menu will have you feeling hungrily full. You know, like, when you know you’re full but you still want to eat more? Hey, carbs are filling–but when the food is this good it becomes a can’t-stop-won’t-stop affair.

Alright, I was going to tell you the story behind this place’s aesthetic first, because it is really interesting, but let’s save that for later and get right into the food now that I’ve mentioned carbs, yeah?

Joining me for the night’s festivities was a perspective that could give this review some range. While I am a female style blogger and student, my close friend, Will Cody, is a bartender at a sports bar in downtown Dallas and father to one lively, angel of a five-year old. What we both like is good food, quality drinks, and genuine people.

As an appetizer, he chose “Nonna’s Meatballs” and I opted for the “Crawfish and Artichoke Fonduta.” After a couple of craft beers (bonus points) and a nice chat with our waiter, our orders hit the table and we were digging in.


Both were great. The fonduta had a pepper jack base, hints of red pepper, and added a fun touch of seafood to the meal. I’ve honestly never had such great meatballs. Will is calling them Earl’s “must-try” item:

“I literally could of eaten that for my meal. Two orders of course. [They were] the perfect starter to an Italian inspired meal. Hearty but not so filling to where I didn’t want my pizza. Cooked to perfection. Tasted like I was eating meatballs from a fine dining restaurant.”

Preparation of made-to-order pizzas can be seen in the open view, brick oven kitchen

App plates clean, Will tried a different craft beer, Four Corners Local Buzz, now his favorite, and I switched over to the house white wine.
Pizza and wine, amirite?

We split a large pizza and ordered two styles: one side, “Amore La Carne,” (amore, indeed!) and the other side, “Padre Island,” (spring break, forever!).

All of the pizzas are priced well for what you get–large pies come at 18 dollars while sizing down puts you at 12 bucks.


Each of the preconceived concoctions we chose involved jalapeños. If you like spice, I highly recommend them both. The pickled jalapeños on the Amore complimented the carne (meatballs, salami, sausage) in a way that makes my mouth water just thinking about it. For the Padre, there were fresh jalapeños blended into the crushed pineapple topping, giving it a h-o-t, tropical base. Add bacon, cilantro, crushed tomatoes, and sweet onions? You’ve got one culinary combo.

Spoiler alert! Will and I were on common ground throughout the entirety of this meal:

“I love the fact that the pizza creations were original. Pineapple jalapeño puree mixed in with pizza sauce…Where can I purchase that for my house? The other pizza [the Carne] filled all gaps of intimacy in my life. That was probably one of the best pizzas I have had. Perfect amount of heat (spice) mixed with all of my favorite toppings.”

For some, pizza is all about the sauce. For others, you’ve got to have the right amount of cheese. For me, the bread is everything! The quality of Earl’s crust is crave-worthy! How can I describe it to you… 

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more… yeasty.
*DJ scratch*

As you can see from the pictures, it is not deep dish and is, instead, on the thinner side. However, I hesitate to want to call it thin crust because the outside is thicker and the quality is just so filling and amazing. It is very fresh bread with a crust that cracks you into a stretchy middle. The yeast pockets are perfect and, honestly, I could probably eat it without any toppings.

I think I’ll have to try the, “Yukon Gold,” when I go back next. Toppings on that include: ricotta cheese, smashed potatoes, bacon, rosemary, and roasted onions. As I mentioned earlier, the choices are unique. The, “Forager,” has roasted mushrooms, sweet onions, spinach, and truffle oil. The, “N’Djua,” has spicy prosciutto spread, shallot, and ricotta. There are plenty of classic combos, as well: Gustoso Pepperoni, Margherita, Bianca, Chicken & Aritchoke, etc.

(Will put it quite aptly when he told me that some of the pizzas sounded like they belong in a Ninja Turtle’s Movie!)

This restaurant is large with multiple sections both indoors and outdoors

Being there for Earl’s opening day was very fun. They were busy but the employees handled the crowd very well. The kitchen worked at a fast pace while servers and hosts were collected and conversational.

Right before dessert, we were greeted by a restaurant manager as well as one of the men on Earl’s design team. After careful collaboration, it was decided that we would be ordering the, “Grostata di Mele Pizza.” (Yes, the two dessert options are also pizzas.) The Grostata–apples, oatmeal crumble, and vanilla sweet cream sauce–is the type of dessert you bring home to Momma.

The Grostata de Mele Dessert Pizza

Get excited because the other dessert pizza offered involves none other than–Nutella! Yum. The “Perfecto Pizza” is topped with Nutella, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. To-go box, please?


Will and I let our dinner stretch out through the course of the evening. That’s what happens when you’ve got great vibes, combinations that compliment, and time to spare.

We both agree that what really won us over and made Earl’s different from the pizza shops we are in close proximity to is its originality. I won’t go into detail about the romance between Earl and Isabella, Earl’s motivation to build his wife a restaurant, and the process of turning Argyle’s old fire department into this sprawling, pizza haven–because I think it’s a good excuse for conversation between you and your server when the time comes.

Earl’s could be a classic go-to for those within Argyle and the surrounding area. Whether you’re meeting with family, friends, co-workers, or your sports team, Earl’s is suitable for any pizza loving occasion.

For those of you contemplating whether or not to make the drive like Will and I did–I’ll leave you with a couple words from him:

“On a personal level, the drive was one of the best parts. Driving down what seemed like an old country back road, especially to this city slicker, with one of my closest friends, was just what I needed… the drive was peaceful yet just long enough to where I could work up a major appetite.

From the moment I walked up and saw the kids running around in the play area and the patio setup with the outside bar, I thought wow I could see myself sitting here with my family. It was homey with a clean cut edge. You can see the food being prepared and the TVs played extreme sports so anywhere I looked I was never bored.

An old firehouse converted into a gourmet brick oven pizza shop, it doesn’t get any cooler then that.

Well said, my friend.

Eco-friendly to-go boxes that can be deconstructed into plates and smaller boxes are Earl’s way of going green

A special thanks to Narciso Tovar for the hospitality.

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    1. Emma!!! You doll!! Oh I always love corresponding with you. Thank you for reading and thank you for the response! Lol your enthusiasm is infectious!! Thank you for bringing such sunshine to my day! (This pizza was marvelous and I am now craving more.) Xoxo- Nat


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