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Ah, the easiest trend to DIY has hit the streets and I… buy fresh from Zara instead!

Hey, I barely have enough time to DIY a brush through my hair in the mornings, okay? 
When I finally have free time, whipping out scissors and getting crafty isn’t going to win against boiled eggs and The Mindy Project.
Lol… I love boiled eggs with a pinch of salt on the side.
It’s a v healthy snack.

M O V I N G — O N

All photos in this post by: Grace Kim

Patches are back with a vengeance, people. And in all honesty, I do want to take the time to DIY a few patches onto… well, my entire life.

Ha! If only that were possible, right? No, but really, ironing on patches is something even I could handle. I mean, how fun is that? You can patch your pants, shirts, bags, shoes–it’s the most affordable way to personalize your style. Plus, patches add an uber-cool, funky vibe to your ensemble and I. dig. that. (I added punctuation marks for emphasis.)


I had ORIGINALLY planned on DIYing patches onto my pants with a friend (Hi Taylor!) however what-had-happened-was… I was at Zara, these caught my eye and I decided to try them on just for fun.*

Well, we all know where “just for fun” goes.

Yes, teenage pregnancy.

Omg, I’m joking, sorry!

After trying these shorts on I was sold by their fit! I’m 5’9 and have a long torso, so, I have a hard time finding high-waisted pants, rompers (things of that sort) that I’m happy with. This denim is soft, flexible but structured, buttons up instead of zips, and doesn’t ride, ya feel me? We all need that perfect summer denim and I decided that this would be mine.

_T5A9393 copy-2 (1)
_T5A9443 copy-2 (1)

My theory was proven correct as I have already worn these shorts all over. From the pool to the shops, from running errands to walking my dog–they will officially go down in history as my #allsummer16 denim.

For this look, I balanced my funky denim out with my favorite white blouse from Express and a classy heel from Steve Madden. (This is not the exact same button-up, urgh, but it is very similar.)

This blouse is always in high rotation for me, not only because it pairs so easily with everything, but also because the material is so light and airy! The black lining gives it a little bit of an upper-hand over your basic white button-up.


As for the heels, these Steve Maddens are my ultimate go to right now. I am a girl who likes to move around. I need comfy shoes! I’m almost always in sneakers. These heels (the Slithur) have surprisingly good cushion to them and strap on nicely so they’re not sliding off the back of your foot and what not.


See? Look how much fun I’m having in these shorts! Sigh. I love them. Worthy purchase. Wallet, we done good.

Hey, here are a few websites you can buy cheap patches from:

I hope this blog post finds you doing quite well, wherever you may be! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Always feel free to reach out with any questions or just to share the ways you’re patching things up in your life!



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12 thoughts on “Mom Jeans | Not So Mom

  1. I know what you mean! I haven’t got that much free time either (It’s been ages since I started working on my DIY metal “battle vest”) ^^’ So thank god for this already ironed-on patches ;-p
    BTW you look gorgeous as always! Love the outfit in every single detail of it! Have a nice day hun :-*


    1. Hahaha omg Virna!! You are such sunshine!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, they made me smile! But yes, I imagine myself as this awesome DIY girl who does yoga and always eats green BUT ALAS… I can claim none of the above. Lol! Okay well maybe one day you will finish your vest and I will… make myself a flower crown? Haha the possibilities are endless!! Hope you have a great day beautiful 🙂 Goodnight from Texas!


    1. Hey Kathryn! Thank you so much! I take that as a major compliment! I appreciate you, as always! Thanks for taking the time to check out the post and to share such kind words!


  2. “Well, we all know where “just for fun” goes. Yes, teenage pregnancy” BAH HAH! You made me LOL! These shorts look awesome on you, this way you can have a pair from Zara that rock but at a later date DIY a pair as well. I don’t think the patches trend is going ANYwhere! xx


    1. Lol! I’m so glad you LoLed! I’m smiling as I type! Thank you so much for reading and for taking the time to comment, beautiful!


  3. The shorts are perfect! If it makes you feel better, I have bought iron on patches some months ago. They are so cute! But guess what, they’re still inside the package. And will be for at least another month :\ So, way to go girl! These are perfect, those sandals are to die for (I’m already regretting I only bought 3 pairs of Steve Maddens when I was in the US – need so much more!), and you look fab!
    And I can only afford to brush 2 times a week. You’ve got too much time to spare on your hands XD

    Have a great Sunday love! I’m going to the beach to enjoy the greek sun (it’s so warm OMG!).



  4. These are literally too cute. I’m really into DIYs and I have a pair of shorts I could definitely jazz up! Thanks for the inspo. The dressy top really makes the look step up from casual to elegant!


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