NTTV | The Writers’ Room

A droll comedy inspired by my love for mockumentaries (think The Office and Parks & Recreation) The Writers’ Room follows a group of students in charge of creating their university’s late night entertainment show. 

My college, the University of North Texas, really does have the late night entertainment show that The Writers’ Room is based around. In my second season working for Late Night at North TexasThe Writers’ Room was a skit I wrote, based on the writers I was working with that semester.

Our entertainment director liked the skit so much, she asked me if I would like to make it into its own show for our station annnd–the rest is history!

The process of getting this show to where you are about to see it (video at bottom of post) has been an invaluable learning experience. You see, all work done by students in the entertainment department is considered volunteer work–we are all just a group of undergrads who love creating and, for the most part, want a job in film or television. Being the executive producer for The Writers’ Room, I am really proud of the growth this show has seen from its start. Every cast and crew member has grown exponentially, some going above and beyond to contribute, and the results, in terms of production value and characterization, attest to that growth. Aside from producing, my main role was directing. I learned a lot about the collaboration process, how to ask for help, and how addicting it is to see your visions executed!

Hope you enjoy!



Episode plot summary:

Lusting for credit and tired of being overlooked, Howard pitches one of Lee’s sketch ideas at Late Night’s weekly writers’ meeting. The sketch gets approval from Callie, and is met by much hype from the department, but Howard’s conscience suffers in the process.

My time with NTTV has come to am end (*cries*) but The Writers’ Room will continue! The torch has been passed on and I am beyond excited to keep up with the new leads. You can too through the following social media accounts:

Instagram– @writersroom