Burgers & Beer from LSA | North Texas Destination Location Gets A Renovation

Key Points:

(To counteract my inability to be concise, Natalie Filter applied)
-Located in Denton’s Square
-Texas music themed atmosphere
-Locally sourced food and drinks
-Indoor and outdoor rooftop view
-Family friendly, all age appeal
-Live rooftop music Thurs. – Sat.

Welcome, fellow burger lovers! Well as they say, everything is bigger in Texas! And–stop it right there–that’s the only Texas cliché you’re going to find in this post!

Because even though the atmosphere at LSA Burger is all things Texas-friendly, and is indeed bigger than any burger joint I’ve hit up, there is nothing cliché about it! Both the menu and the Texas music themed deco are original, the service is spectacular, and the location (right in the heart of Denton’s celebrated Square) is ideal for all ages. Add live music? And you’ve got yourself a destination location.

If you’re a hip local who already knows of LSA’s wonders, I have some fun news for you, too! Our favorite rooftop is movin’ on up! But let’s save those details for the end of the post. (Spoiler alert: more space, more art, more let’s-just-stay-here vibes. Two thumbs up.)

Now, if you’re a visitor or just looking for a new way to support local, LSA is a must.
This laid-back burger joint will get you in touch with local brews and the best view of Denton’s historic Square. What I’m saying is, when going to LSA Burger, you can very much “make a night of it.” Families and friends can enjoy a walk around the picturesque hub that is Denton Square, be one of many unwinding on City Hall’s vast lawn, stop into Atomic Candy to fill up on nostalgia, or breathe in the old-fashioned aroma of freshly made ice cream at Beth Marie’s. LSA is so local, it’s of no surprise that they actually offer Beth Marie’s on their own dessert menu. LSA, hand over heart, is my favorite burger spot in DFW.

Let’s Get It Started

A hot summer day at LSA, I complimented my breezy, rooftop seat with a cold Heart O’ Texas from Dallas’ Four Corners Brewing Company. (The rooftop features an outdoor area as well as an open-view, indoor area with air conditioning.) I promise I don’t just get this beer because of the awesome can it comes in, it’s one helluva red ale.

Heart O’ Texas from Four Corners Brewing Co., Viva Tejas!
Air-conditioned portion of rooftop features bar seating

I often judge a place by their queso. If they can’t get the queso right, can you really trust them with the rest of the menu? One bite of LSA’s cheesy white cheese queso and I knew I was in good hands. It has the perfect amount of kick and has the option to add brisket. Sold! I had to get guacamole too because, avocado.

Queso, Chips, and Guacamole

The staff here is incredible! LSA stands for Lonestar Attitude and everyone seems to embody it. There is a major team dynamic going on and the said attitude is infectious. With my location on the rooftop, I couldn’t help but notice all of the regulars giving familiar nods to GM/boss lady Kristin Allen and thanking her for another great experience. I say boss lady because I had the pleasure of chatting with the friendly and energetic commander in chief and quickly realized that boss lady is the staff-approved title that fits her most. Both her and my waiter helped me navigate the fun menu and now I will do the same for you.


Alright, so the menu, like LSA’s deco, reflects the establishment’s love for music! Its burgers are named after the likes of Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Waylon Jennings. During my last visit, my eyes were slightly bigger than my stomach (only slightly) so I went for one that didn’t have any name dropping involved: the Double Trouble. It’s amazing.

Amazing, defined:
Two chuck patties, Havarti cheese, “Copperhead Load,” Guacamole, & Fritos.

Double Trouble Burger and Garlic Parm Herb Fries

I added bacon because I was thinking of you guys and thought you might like to know if the bacon was good or not and it was really good bacon so, you’re welcome. Like the queso, I also found that this burger had the right amount of kick! The sauce is delicious.

I’ve learned a little about the process of burger appreciation through two men, my Dad and my Grandpa. My Grandpa Wally had a bar in Michigan, Lil’ Wally’s, that was famed for its bar burgers. My Dad worked for him for a while and *evil laugh* the technique has been passed down! So, my friends and I have grown up on quality burgers. Thanks, Dad.

LSA uses a chuck blend for their patties, sourced locally (of course). They border half a pound and have a ratio of lean meat to fat that is sooo choice for burgers! Expect grease. In a good way.

So, good meat? Check! How about the buns? LSA’s fresh bread has a little bit of a sweet taste to it and works in harmony with the entire concoction, as it should. Quality patties and quality buns are a burger connoisseur’s main concerns. LSA passes with flying colors in both categories and goes in for the bonus points with all of their pre-devised topping combinations.

Keep it classic with their Waylon: Mayo, Mustard, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pickles & Onions. Turn up with the Chili Willie: Texas Chili, Cheddar, Onions, & Serrano Peppers. Or get weird with the Psychedelic: Sauteed Mushrooms, Swiss Cheese, Mixed Greens, and House Mayo. The options are fun and endless. I wish the fries or endless. I could eat those for days. They’re my kind of thick cut and LSA tops them with parmesan and garlic. Yes, please.


If you are reading this post I assume you are a burger lover, but wait! There’s more! Veggie lovers, rejoice! I tried the Bohemian (Spicy Veggie, Pepper Jack Cheese, Spinach, Tomato, Pickled Reds, & House Mayo) and it was the bomb. So was the mac & cheese. Side note.


The Not-Burgers menu options at LSA are good enough to bring me in on days where I’m not in the mood for a burger. For example, the Crab Cake Salad. Wow my mouth just watered typing that. TMI? I didn’t even know I wanted a salad with crab cakes on it but my waiter told me it was worthy of a try and I’m easily influenced in matters of food so—

Crab Cake Salad

Bam! I only endorse things I love. I love these crab cakes. I think they’re balanced nicely by a fresh bed of greens and these heaping tomatoes, however, if that’s not enough for you, they are also featured on one of the Not-Burgers sandwiches, the Janis: Crab Cakes, Tomato, Arugula, Pickled Reds, & House Dressing. Sounds good to me!

Feeling Good

I blame the Double Trouble for not leaving me enough room for house-made cobbler or pecan pie on this day in particular. However! I did have room to wash it all done with a specialty cocktail while doing what LSA’s atmosphere promotes: sit back, relax, and enjoy the views. Aptly titled the Sunset Thrill, I went for this cup of sunshine because it features another one of my favorite local beers–Revolver’s, Blood & Honey + Austin vodka, Tito’s.

LSA Specialty Cocktail, the Sunset Thrill

Amongst a few of LSA’s recent renovations, they have added bathrooms upstairs and an elevator to make traveling between the rooftop and the cozy booths/famous Last Supper portrait downstairs, easier. Taking the elevator up, as the doors open, a line of wall art will lead your eyes to the stage.

View of wall murals taken from the rooftop stage

This area of the rooftop now boasts more space than it did before and will soon have more seating for all you happy folks. Boss lady, Kristin, said they hope to get Denton-with-it and provide unique seating–like little outdoor swings! Just when I thought LSA couldn’t get more chill!

I’m a big fan of street art and love the new wall murals. Brought to you by local artists, these bright forms of expression add an even more personalized atmosphere to the LSA experience. Local art, local food, local drinks, local dessert, local musicians–LSA Burger is a true gem. I’m down for everything the Lonestar Attitude represents and support everything they stand for! I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again, this place is a DFW must, and I can only hope that I presented it to you well. Cheers!




A special thanks to Narcisco Tovar

LSA Burger
113 W Hickory St.
Denton, TX 76201
(940) 383-1022

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