Affordable Outfits Inspired by NYFW Spring 2017

Like, everyone at NYFW is doing it.

Hello, you beautiful people!
Well, New York Fashion Week has come and it has gone but the trends are here to stay! A genius, that goes by the name of Ressa, came to me with an idea for a collab that would involve each of us taking our favorite runway looks and making them street + pocket friendly. So! ‘Tis here! Three looks inspired by the runways of NYFW, Spring 2017. Happy viewing!

(Head on over to Ressamazing to see the fab looks Ressa came up with! She nailed ’em. Piece by piece.)

Look #1
The Inspo: Marc Jacobs

Photos by Umberto Fratini via Vogue (Vogue – Marc Jacobs)

Marcy, Marc–you’ve done it again! I was feeling very inspired by Marc Jacobs’ Ready-To-Wear extravaganza. The runway itself was beautiful, the model lineup was star studded, and the clothes were over-the-top. Themes I was noting in particular: camo prints, hot pants, comfy sweaters, and shoes that POP!


Wanna know the sweetest thing? My Dad gave me this sweater as a “just-because” gift. It’s from Wal-Mart. And I shall cherish it.

My tips to anyone down for MJ? Stock up on the fun prints. Get a couple military style items in your closet rotation. Buy some colored boots, like my Sam Edelmans, or some sky-high platform heels. Keep things edgy with studded belts. Both bomber and denim jackets aren’t going anywhere so find you one of them, as well. Zara has a great selection of jackets right now. In fact, Zara is where I got the bomber I am holding and the pants + belt that I’m wearing. You know what, let’s cut to the chase. Here’s the links:

Zara Studded Belt
Zara Similar Camo Pants
Zara Bombers
Sam Edelman Reyes Boots
Insanely Affordable Selection of Wal-Mart Sweaters

Look #2
The Inspo: Yeezy

Photos by Jackie Nickerson via Vogue (Vogue – Yeezy)

Kanyeezy isn’t the only one who has Khaki on his mind. Designers like J. Crew, Creatures of the Wind, Creatures of Comfort, Carolina Herrera, and many more, all say khaki is in for the win. Look for a few khaki items the next time you’re out shopping because–as the designer gods shall have it–I have a feeling there will be plenty of options.

Although rumor has it the Yeezy show had a few hiccups this NYFW, I was swooning over the fresh, utilitarian looks of the khaki his models were sporting.


The top I’m wearing is super affordable a la Forever 21 and guess what? It feels great on. I snagged the cute little backpack there, too, while I got the skirt from Express and the shoes from our boy, Steve Madden.

So, you’ve got your all black errthang looks and now we have all khaki errthang looks. Me like.

Although the makeup was very neutral for the Yeezy show, other khaki-lovers, like Ms. Herrera, had the bold, bright lips out. I saw a few colorful pouts from other designers as well and wanted to embrace that. I’m wearing a scarf around my neck from Nordstrom because the choker trend ain’t goin’ nowhere, honey. 

Whether it’s a scarf, Egyptian princess-esque cuff, or 90’s inspired velvet–neck parties are here to stay.

Da links!

Express A-Line Skirt
Forever 21 Cropped Sweater
Same Style Bag in Camel
Similar Style Bag in Same Color as Pictured


Similar Style Skirt in Different Colors
Different Style Skirt in Khaki

Steve Madden Mannzo Boots
Nordstrom Skinny Scarves

Look #3
The Inspo: Michael Kors

Photos from Elle (Elle – Michael Kors)

Words that can always be associated with Michael Kors? Classic, modern, fresh, sexy, conservative, and essential! I consistently love his perspective and appreciate how classy his items are. For Spring 2017, he is embracing laid-back, preppy vibes, with no shortage of positivity. 

The aspect of his Spring 2017 line that I was most inspired by was his use of oversized items, slide on shoes, and pointed collars.


Okay, mules/slide on shoes are huge right now. The fashion industry is loving them and, quite frankly, so am I. The stars aligned when I got these neutral colored babies. I got them for an ungodly amount. 20 bucks. In store. They were one of those “last chance” items that I got a deal on top of for buying the boots I linked you to in the Yeezy outfit.

I will link you to a beautiful style, similar to these–that are also on sale. They aren’t 20 dollars but hey, they are a deal, nonetheless. 

I felt like I was killing… a few birds… with one stone when I bought the oversized, white button-up you see here. Not only were white shirt dresses also big on the runways this go-around, they have been a thing for so long now. It was always in the back of my head to buy one but I just hadn’t gotten around to it. Yet.

From Zara, this this white shirt fits and feels great. I can wear it by itself or layer it, as I did with another awesome Zara find: the “Food Mood” sweater. This is my forever mood so when I saw the lil’ gem, I knew I had to have it.

My denim is from TopShop and, trust me, it did not start out this distressed. Ha! They are so worn in now. I love them. I’ve had them for about two years and wear them on the reg. We’ve been through quite a lot together, as you can see.

The Michael Kors tote I have in tow is another companion item of mine. It is absolutely an essential part of my wardrobe. It’s my go-to travel carry on. As it should be, since it is named the Jet Set Tote.

Alright, there’s one link–here are the rest!

Steve Madden Kaileey
TopShop Denim Same Style Darker Wash
Zara White Button Up
Food Mood Sweater

Annnd–that’s a wrap, y’all! Spring 2017 might feel eons away but I’d say the above looks are all ready-to-wear.

A big thank you to Ressa for coming up with this great idea and for reaching out to collab! I had a lot of fun pouring over the looks at NYFW and even more fun making the looks my own. 

Another big thank you to my best friend Rachel Glover for letting me drag her out of the house to take my pics.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, everyone! I hope you are going into fall of 2016 extra strong.



13 thoughts on “Affordable Outfits Inspired by NYFW Spring 2017

  1. This post is fire!!! 🔥🔥 I love all of these recreated looks! You did such an awesome job showing how to take runway to the streets. Can’t wait to try out some of these looks!!


    1. Kathryn! Hi gorgeous sweet love! Thanks so much. You taking the time to read and to share your thoughts really means a lot to me! I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Hope you’re having a great week 🙂


  2. Yesss, yesss, yesssssss! 🙌❤😊 Your recreated looks were absolutely fabulous dear! I loved all of them! You are amazing to collab with- thanks for bringing the idea to life! 💕



    1. Daww! Ressa, thanks so much sweetie! I think everyone is in agreement–FAB idea! I’m so glad you thought to ask me! This was really fun and a great way to get involved with NYFW from the comforts of home 😉


  3. Well this is just so much fun! What a great idea Ressa and hats off to both of you for two great posts. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to NYFW this year as I had lots of other things buzzing around but I feel like I’ve had a wonderful insight into it from your post and I love your ideas. Great shout on the military trousers and your Dad is the sweetest getting you “just cuz” gift. I hope you’re going into Fall 2016 strong to love. Here’s to a few good months till Christmas! xx


    1. Wow this comment made me smile! You are so sweet! Thanks, Jess! Yes, I’m so happy Ressa suggested this because it made me get more involved in NYFW than I ever have been before (from far away lol)! I hope you’re going into a great fall 2016 as well babe! Kisses!


  4. Hey, I’m looking to get the Food Mood sweater for a friend. I can’t find it on the zara store. Your link directs me to another sweater so maybe they’re not selling it anymore. Do you know where else I can get it from?


    1. Hey Jason! Yep, it looks like Zara isn’t selling it online anymore. The link is now taking me to their Banana Split sweater. That is such a bummer! I will do some internet stalking and see if I can find it anywhere else, k? Xx


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