NYE ’16 Inspo | What To Wear?

Ah, New Year’s Eve.

…the eve before the new year.

The night we ring in fresh beginnings, celebrate how awesome everything will be, and dismiss all that was not.

What outfit does one wear to welcome such expectations?

It has to be fab! It has to be wow! It has to be… sparkly!
The pressure can be overwhelming.

Luckily, I’m a style blogger, so I always know what I want to wear.
Okay, not true.

For most events, I am frantically running around my room, destruction in my path, in search for “what feels right.” New Year’s Eve is no exception.

Thanks to you, though, this year is different! I’ve got to be organized! I’ve got to be the one with the answers! Right? Right.

So, as my resolutions for 2017 suggest… I’m planning ahead!

I have a few different outfits organized in a wide range of styles! And as 2017 approaches, I am going to continue adding them to this post in hopes that they make your life a little easier. Happy browsing! Can you guess which outfit I’ll wear?



Look No. 01: Saturday Night Fever

All photos in this post are by: Michelle Khan, @visualsbymichelle

I most definitely need to get these pants tailored, as they are long even for my 5’9″ frame.

But aren’t they great?

They’re from Zara and a lovely velvet. (Probably the most comfortable party pants I now own.)

I was originally looking for a velvet blazer. My vision incorporated the metallic, TopShop body suit, you see here + a sleek pair of flared office pants, and said velvet blazer.

However, all the blazers I was loving, were out of my price range.

I didn’t want to settle for something I didn’t love, because I’m trying to stick to the rule of, “if you don’t love it, leave it.” So, I was pleasantly surprised to find these pants instead!

With this outfit, I am still opting for a blazer, but going with a normal fabric, as these pants already have a lot going on.

This bright blue babe is from Urban Outfitters and adds a pop of color. (Something I’m always a fan of!)

The metallic body suit adds some disco ball vibes to this NYE look, but I don’t think it has quite the amount of sparkle required, so: I added a glitzed out choker from Zara, as well.

I wanted a thick choker to pull the thin, low cut together. I think a body chain or a long, dew drop necklace would be lovely, too.


Well, that’s Look No. 01, folks! Hope you like what you see! If this look isn’t you, stay tuned! While all the looks in this post will be very different, the common thread is my equal love for them all!


TopShop Body Suit:
Caution, this metallic number comes in multiple colors, but unfortunately, the silver is not listed on their site. However, they do have a silver, velvet version, which I shall link, as well.

Metallic in Gold
Silver Velvet
Metallic in Green
Metallic in Rose Gold

Similar style, in the same color, from Express, currently 50% off.

Electric Blue Blazer

Zara Pants and Choker:

Zara Velvet Flare Trousers
Shiny Gem Choker

Talk to you soon!
And, of course, if you have any questions about sizing or fit, feel free to let me know.

Look No. 02: All That Glitters

Alright, so it’s no secret that rose gold was a big hit this year. But want me to tell you a special secret? I found this dress at Forever21, yesterday, for $26.99!

This is a, “go, go, go!” post. I say this because: 1- I cannot find the dress online, and 2- the shoes are also, currently, a major steal. I got them yesterday, as well, for 50% off at Aldo! So, as the big day is this weekend… this look will require a trip to the mall!

Wait! Come back! Don’t leave yet! You should finish my post 🙂


So, let’s just say you’ve limited yourself to a $100 budget this NYE. Well, you’ve got yourself this whole look and two cocktails to boot. Hey, that’s not so bad for a start, right?

Here’s the thing about New Year’s Eve and me… the outfits tend to be a one time thing.
I usually buy some type of sparkly, sequined item for the occasion, and life outside of the ball drop doesn’t really call for that amount of shine.

Forever21 is a great place for that “one time” outfit, with little remorse. When I was in store yesterday, they had a plethora of New Year’s Eve worthy inspo! I’m talking glittery ankle boots in silver and rose gold, metallic jackets, and dresses like the one seen here! All for an affordable price.

The way I see it, if you were this dress once… you spent $26.99 for the perfect party fit. Now let’s say you wear it to every party you go to in 2017. We’re looking at $6.00 per wear! (This is a very unhealthy way to justify all future purchases, lol, just a warning, but I mean for now, it works, right?!)


I have linked two heels that are very similar to the ones I found in store. The first link will bring you to the pair I originally wanted when I was at Aldo, but alas, they were out of my size!

You should browse their whole site though, so many styles are currently 50% off.

What a way to step into 2017, amirite?

Is “amirite” still okay to say? Is that something I need to leave in 2016?

Aldo Shoes
Similar Style (Less Straps)
Similar Style (Open Toed)

Look No. 03: On The Edge

Not too short, not too long, it’s just riiiight.

I love me a good midi! This glitzy, Kimchi Blue number from Urban Outfitters is classy and sexy, at the same dang time.

I love that it has slits along the sides and a deep, drop back! You will love that it’s… on sale! (Link at the bottom of this section)

This dress skims the body nicely. It is a thin material but it’s not sheer enough to require a slip! However, do be careful of wearing dark underwear. On that note, I opt to go braless for this look because the back looks so pretty uninterrupted! 

Since temperatures tend to be low on New Year’s Eve, I am particularly fond of this outfit because I think the moto pulls it all together! Rather than just being a necessity for the weather, the edgy jacket balances the dress’ glam factor.


I like the type of class factor this outfit packs. Like I said, these are all very different looks that I am equally fond of. Sometimes I think looks that aren’t skin tight and pushing in the all the right places can be just as sexy, you know?

Also, I feel the sexiest when I’m comfortable and this ensemble is pretty breathable, I tell ya what.


Urban Outfitters, Kimchi Blue Gold Accordion Midi

Similar, Express Moto
Nordstrom, Similar Moto, On Sale

Look No. 04: Baby New Year

Blue really is the coolest color, isn’t it? This baby blue mini is from TopShop and it was a lust at first sight type of thing. I had to have it! I got it months ago, however, was able to find similar at Zara. (Link at the bottom of this section.)

I think this is a can’t-go-wrong, New Year’s Eve look. I always feel pretty kickass in a good mini and OTK boots. I thought this dress would be more of a bodycon when I first saw it, but it’s not! It has an A-line feel and I like it. It gives it a retro vibe! These Steve Maddens tie in the back and are a little slouchy. They come in multiple colors and the thick heel makes them easy to walk in, aka Natalie friendly.

What’s great about this outfit (for me, yikes) is that I have had these items for quite some time. Yay for outfit recycling! However, that means I couldn’t find their duplicates online. I did find similar and have provided links, accordingly! This H&M blazer, for example, is such a necessity! I have thrown it over so many outfits! Dresses like this one, a band tee and jeans, a good blazer is a must. I highly recommend browsing all of H&M’s blazers because they are all stylish and, so affordable! The low price doesn’t seem to affect the quality here, as I have had this jacket for a couple years now.


If you keep up with me on Instagram, you’ve seen this SkinnyDipLondon bag before! I am so obsessed! A bag with personality and sense of humor? Yes, please! I always tell people about SkinnyDip. Their entire brand is quirky, spicy, and fun. They are addicting to keep up with, as they always have items that speak to the individual! There is something for every personality type–give their site a twirl and see if you can find something that will be a conversation starter for your outfits! 

My friend, (hi Jenny!) just got a disco ball shaped bag from them. How fun will that be for New Year’s?


Similar Blue Glitter Dress, Zara
Similar Steve Madden OTK Boots, (Thicker Heel)

(I highly suggest you browse all the blazers at H&M, they are so pretty, ah!)

Similar Black H&M Blazer

Well ladies and gents, wherever your New Year’s Eve takes you, I hope it’s fun and with the ones you love! Whether you’re hitting the bars or watching Twilight Zone on the couch, I am sure you will look fab, as you are!

I hope you enjoyed browsing these different looks!
Let’s go into 2017 happy to be who we are, knowing we are exactly where we need to be, and that all of the opportunities await us.



4 thoughts on “NYE ’16 Inspo | What To Wear?

  1. I thought you looked amazing in the velvet pants + silver bodysuit OOTD, and you do. But that rose gold dress was seriously made for you! The picture where you blow a kiss just blew me away completely! Great NYE suggestions!


    1. Ah, thank you Virna! It was a match made in Forever21 heaven! Hehe, you always make me smile. I’m so glad you are liking the outfits! Thanks for taking the time to stop by!


  2. So, it is New Year’s eve, and I’m finally seriously thinking about what to wear tomorrow… I’m rather like you and don’t really know what I’m aiming for until I need to be there and also leave a path of destruction in my wake. Hehe! I love all of these outfits and finding out a few more little bits about you. You’re 5 foot 9″? Damn girl! When we meet IRL we will look tres funny! (I’m 5 … 3′! I hope you wear the first outfit, I love the metallic vest and talking of love, it made me happy that you’re only going for things that you love and if you don’t, it get’s left behind! Bu-Bye! Anyway, I’ll stop wittering away and shall wish you a fantastic night tomorrow. I wanted to check out your outfits in all their full-length glory here for inspo and I think I’m going to go with a bodysuit… Happy New Year Beautiful! I can’t wait to see what you add to this post in 2017 xxx


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