Daniel Wellington Watch + Cuff

I saw Kendall Jenner wearing a Daniel Wellington watch + cuff so, like, I had to have a Daniel Wellington watch + cuff.

Photo Courtesy of Kendall’s Instagram

Okay, I’m kidding, that’s not why I had to have a Daniel Wellington watch, but I do have a cool story to go along with that which I will share at the end of this post. And also, if you want to talk current IT girls, which I love doing–to me, Kendall can do no wrong, right? Do you style obsess over Kenny? Or do you gravitate more toward the likes of her sister Kylie? Or mayber her bffs GiGi, Bella, and Hailey?


I have always been the type to have a watch on me. When I was young I thought they were cool–v grown up, ya know? At that point in life, I didn’t have a phone on me 24/7 that could tell me the time. Although that has changed, I still prefer wearing an accessory that is in sync with the ticking minutes of the day.

Watches denote a certain lifestyle. I have three watches, including this black and rose gold Daniel Wellington, that I rotate between. Each watch is different but each has a timeless style to it. A good watch isn’t typically cheap–so when I purchase, I go for the ones that I won’t get tired of after a couple years.

I feel so lucky that Daniel Wellington reached out to collaborate with me. I had already been spying his watches and really appreciating the “of the world” style that seemed to come along with them. (Seriously, browse their Instagram account–it’s not just a collection of watch pics, this grid serves up some serious inspo: @danielwellington) His minimal designs denote a lifestyle akin to adventure, travel, and an appreciation for life’s little moments.

(and no lie, I really did see the pic Kendall posted of her watch and, as a blogger, I thought to myself: hm, I wonder what Daniel Wellington is looking for in their influencers… AND THEN, I had an e-mail from them. Thank you, blogger gods. Maybe tonight I need to go to sleep asking what Gucci looks for in their influencers 😉 ha!)

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I’m about to go on a month’s worth of adventuring! (Yay!) And Danny is coming with. I leave for NYC (my future home) this Wednesday and after spending the weekend there–I am off to Korea! (South, people.) Starting in my Mom’s hometown, then Seoul, and then exploring the snowy mountains where the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held, I’ll be traveling around the country for three weeks!

Want to play a game of #WheresDanielWellington with me? Follow along my adventuring on my IG! @herpersonatalie

And, if you would like the same Daniel Wellington watch + cuff that I’m wearing–or you would like any other product from their line:

Shop Daniel Wellington

You can take 15% off by using my code: HERPERSONATALIE

One thought on “Daniel Wellington Watch + Cuff

  1. Hehe, I love the way your write! “Just watch” indeed! Gorgeous shots my dear, each one different and perfect in their own way. I am super excited to play where’s Danny and cannot wait to see pictures from your travels. Please take a s*it ton. I know you mentioned possibly skiing on IG and if you can, I think you will love it! Safe travels gorgeous and tonight I’m going to go bed asking myself what Stella McCartney looks for in influencers ;p xxx


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