GLO Up Chronicles

According to Urban Dictionary, a very reputable source, the phrase “GLO up,” is an urban twist on the phrase, “grow up.”

It represents a transition in which someone becomes more beautiful via confidence and inner strength. They believe in themselves, the opinions of another could never bring them down, they radiate positive energy, they’re a strong wall against negative energy, they are healthy from the inside out, and they glow because of it.

This is my favorite type of beauty!
I’m so attracted to the people I see it in, and, for the longest time, I felt pretty in sync with the feeling myself.

I think “GLOing up” is a constant journey. You can spend your entire life GLOing up. And if you’re not careful, the things you do and the people you are around can take the glow away from you. To glow isn’t an endgame goal, it’s a way of life.


Yes, ball is also life, but—-okay, you know what let’s just get into it.

I can feel myself losing touch with what it’s like to feel impenetrable against negativity. I’m beginning to let the opinions of others affect the way I see myself and–it AIN’T COOL.

In those moments I feel weak mentally. But I’m not lost! I’ve been down this road before and know that inner beauty is KEY. I’ve come so far since then, I’m not about to go back.

So, I think it’s time to refocus. And this time, I want to share the journey so you can join, too.

Where are you at? Is true, inner confidence something you’ve already achieved? Is it something you’re working toward? Is it something you lost touch with and want back?

I’m going through a rut and am reminding myself of the need to:

1-focus on positivity

2-engage in real things that will help me refocus on what I value

3-be disciplined

4-take all steps necessary to be a mental fortress of strength and positivity

Every week I will have a new entry in the “GLO Up Chronicles,” to share ways in which I’m making healthy lifestyle choices and becoming more beautiful from the inside than I could ever be on the outside. 

Get in on the journey with me! I’ll be posting recipes, workouts, journaling about positive and negative energy, talking tips on how to de-stress, sharing skincare hacks I’m trying–and ultimately–SPREADING THE GOOD VIBES.

let’s glo

XX- Natalie