Outfit Recycling (How I Wear My Shirts Over My Dresses) + Shopping Tips

Happy Sunday!

Today’s post is the sequel to: Two-Timin’: Dresses as Tops!

As someone who switches up where their furniture is in the house every 2 months–I love change and I love feeling new.

I feel the same need for change when it comes to what I wear. But… I ain’t rich. So, I’m always looking for new ways to recycle the items I already own.


For example, wearing tops over dresses. The parent to this post talked tucking tight dresses into skirts in order to feel like you have a new shirt. This styling tip will make you feel like you have on a new skirt.

It’s not groundbreaking–it’s just plain easy. If I’m feeling like I have nothing to wear, one of the first things I do is scan my slip dresses and think if I have any tops that would look good over them.

In the past, I did this a lot with crop tops and maxi dresses.

But lately I’ve been using lighter tops that I can tie into a knot and pairing them with shorter hemmed dresses. For the look above, I tied this Truly Madly Deeply top (which I have been wearing like crazy, omg!) into a knot behind my back. I’m wearing a slinky, Zara slip underneath. I like the lighter materials because it allows the dress to be more a part of the outfit. The idea of tying knots into the tops adds more shape to the look and it gives off the feeling of being effortlessly polished.


I had a… very unhealthy habit… where every time I knew I was going out, I’d buy a new outfit! I’m not made of money, so this became a problem erm, bank wise—but it also meant I was stocking up on the “one wear” items.

I was a Forever21 whore.

*cries to the sky*

Now don’t get me wrong, I respect Forever21. I have mad love for Forever21. But, as with any store + shopping decisions, you have to

1- be aware of what you’re getting and for what purpose

2- think about how many times you will wear it in relation to its price

3- ask yourself: is it a need or a love?


Wow, “need” and “love” are both pretty convincing in shopper terms, right? I’m suggesting you choose love more. (How sweet of me!) No, what I’m saying is–be extra picky.

I have been really picky when I shop. If I don’t love it, I’m leaving it. If I have control over all the things I purchase and surround myself with, I don’t see a point in buying something I don’t love.

I’m saying: You should be shopping for things you need but purchasing the things you love. If you love it in store like I loved this black Zara slip or this sheer American Apparel cami, you won’t mind wearing them 2 to 3 years down the road, like me!

Build a closet army! A team you can be proud of and feel confident in when it comes time to sub in for one of the starting five.


A similar, faux leather dress from Zara can be found here: Camisole Dress

The great thing about both of these Zara slips is that they look fine alone! Adding a shirt just gives you options and more wears. 

Since American Apparel is closing (still haven’t come to terms with this) I can’t link you to this cami, which came in an assortment of beautiful colors—I have it in teal, too. Alas, camis are easy to come across and you are not at a dead end.

Here are some camis that would be easy to style over a dress:

Kimchi Blue Button-Up CamiSilence + Noise Tank (I own–great, soft material)
(If you get this ^^ I recommend sizing down.)
Silence + Noise Sky Satin Cami

Here is the link to the mesh top I am wearing in the first outfit and tops that are similar:

Truly Madly Deeply Long Sleeved Mesh
Zara Embroidered Tulle
Truly Madly Deeply Mesh Babydoll Tank

Last but not least, here is the similar Zara slip + a few extra options:

Zara Faux Leather Camisole Slip
TopShop Button Through Mini Slip Dress
Missguided Silky Cami Dress
Missguided Pink Crepe Shift Dress

Happy browsing and happy shopping!



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