My Affordable T-Shirt Dress From Shein

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If we are already acquainted, you know I’m nothing short of concise. However! Today’s “shop the post” blurb will be short and sweet! My main focus is this t-shirt dress I was gifted from Shein Official! I want to share a little more with you than my usual Instagram, outfit post because

1- it is currently on sale for $13 and

2- After seeing Shein all over social media, I’ve been wondering whether I should order from them or not for a while. Are they trustworthy? Etc.


Le Verdict

LOVE this dress. If I were a cartoon character, I might want to be drawn into it. It’s comfortable, has a little bit of a rocker vibe to it, and has a built in choker!

The material is breathable, stretchy, and (as my Instagram will attest) has already seen multiple wears.


I was a little skeptical of Shein at first because the styles are extremely cute–and the prices are really low. What’s the problem you ask? Well, typically, you get what you pay for.

I’ve ordered from cheap sites plenty in the past. In my bad experiences, the materials look cheap and the product doesn’t look nearly as good as it did online. It’s like, the catfish of internet shopping.

That’s why I was a little hesitant with Shein at first. But! I had seen them on other bloggers that I respect, so I thought—let’s give it a shot! (Really, the styles are so hard to resist.)

Well, I am 100% happy with my order!
Shein totally came through on this one! I’ve been eyeing dresses in this style for a really long time now and they have all been too expensive. When I saw this one on Shein’s online shop, I knew I had found the one 😉

This dress is the first thing I’ve ordered from them but I will, no doubt, continue shopping with Shein and hope the quality is consistent! I’ll let you know, of course!

Read on for a few last thoughts and a link to the dress in case you missed it in the post!



Things to Think About

-Dress runs true to size

-Material is stretchy, comfortable fit

-Shipping is not quick, do not purchase
in hopes of wearing outfit that weekend

Dress Link:
Shein T-Shirt Dress $13

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