Get Smart | Fossil’s New Q-Hybrid Smartwatch

Hello friends!

It’s about time I posted to my site! Don’t believe me? Just watch!

(This post will not be time-pun laden, I promise. That will probably be it.)

Photo by: Daniel Perez

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know I’ve been very open about my partnership with Fossil. With summer 2017 in our midsts, I’m going into my 3rd collaboration with them! I’ll be sharing more and more of why I’m so keen on repping this down-to-earth, wander-loving brand… but for now, let’s talk about Hedwig.

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Photo by: Josue Alarcon

That’s right, Hedwig. My second smartwatch from the Fossil line, I named this midnight blue number, Hedwig–because the smartwatch (with its helpful, companion-like qualities) keeps its magical functions incognito! This is much like the “everyday” magic items in the Harry Potter world. Thus, the watch is kind of like Harry Potter’s owl friend, Hedwig.

I mean, the owl carried Harry’s mail back and forth… and this watch gives you text and e-mail notifications so… it’s really the same thing.

Honestly… I am just obsessed with Harry Potter and will find reasons to make it as analogous to my muggle life as humanly possible.

I’m a techie, so I am a fan of smartwatches with an overtly digital look. (Like my first Fossil watch —> Gen 2 Fossil Wander White ) #FossilFirsts

But! I’ve found that a lot of my friends and family like a more classic look. That’s why these hybrid watches are so brag worthy. They look like the regular Fossil watches we know + love, but they’re just a little smarter.

They’re smart but humble about it, if you will.


Speaking of humble, ain’t she a beaut?

Alright, let’s talk details:

Since there’s no digital face… how do the notifications work? Well, when you get a text or say, an e-mail, to your phone, your watch receives a subtle vibration.

Here’s where the Potter world magic comes in–you can make it to where you know who is texting you based on where the watch hand moves! Is it most important for you to know when your boyfriend (I can’t relate) is texting you? Then set him as your #1! The watch will vibrate and the watch hand will move to the 1 to signify that you got a text from boo.

I like this feature because I (surprise) don’t actually like having my phone on me at all times. So, with my Hybrid, I’m either enticed to go pick up my phone because I know who’s texting me or… I am content with just checking it later 😉
(Sorry, I love you all, truly, but…)

The watch is synced with your phone so that means the time will always be set to what your phone says. There is a Fossil app that you will download to your phone where you can track your activity or set goals and reminders. (Track your steps, drink more water, remember to take your medicine, what have you.)

Aside from tracking your steps, you can also track your sleep! You can use the buttons to control your music and to take photos, too.

Getting a handle on these functions does take some toying around with, but, it’s really not difficult. Mom and Dad can handle it. If you’re not into manuals, stop into a Fossil store and an employee will go through the ins and outs with you. (Fossil customer service is always fantastic–I do not get paid to say these things lol–I seriously just always have the best experiences when I go to Fossil stores.)

If these images have you sold on Hedwig, you can find her here:

And if you’re feeling selfless… browse the entire collection to find an option for Pops! Fossil is running two Father’s Day deals on smartwatches:

Code: QFORYOU for 25% off Fossil Q from 6/8 – 6/13
Code: DAD25 for 25% off Men’s Categories 6/9 – 6/18

How about that for sorcery?


Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch Navy Blue

Thanks for stopping by! If time is on our side, I’ll be chatting with you again soon.

(See, I kept the time jokes to a minimum.)



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Photos taken at Halcyon in Lower Greenville, Dallas by:

Daniel Perez – @picsuretime


Josue Alarcon – @swayslife

One thought on “Get Smart | Fossil’s New Q-Hybrid Smartwatch

  1. Natalie! I feel like this post picks right up from our conversation yesterday about the HP 20 year Anniversary! I love that you’ve named your watch Hedwig, she’s a beauty and so clever too! To be honest, I don’t know a lot about Fossil but you’ve pretty much sold me on their smart watches. I love being a goof and tracking how many steps I’ve taken ;p I’m going to toodle pip over and check them out now 🙂 xxx


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