Macarons & Tea at Ladurée, SoHo | NYC

Hello and bonjour, mes amis!

Have a friend coming in town? Or maybe you yourself are traveling to NYC and have a flair for all things feminine?

Ladurée, located in SoHo at 398 W. Broadway, is my go-to for any special occasion calling for a sweet treat!

I’ve brought a friend to Ladurée so she could choose a birthday box of their famous macarons (which make great “thank yous,” too), I recently brought my out-of-town friend (@sarahostiguy), and (one of my favorite experiences) I had afternoon tea with my sister. If you haven’t heard of Ladurée’s macarons before, please make it a point to try them! They are truly one of life’s simple (semi-pricey, oops) pleasures. And, if you have had their macarons, already know their worth, but have not had their food–I can guarantee you: the eats are on par with their macarons.

It’s all spectacular and I’m a fan, okay?

Have I mentioned the atmosphere? 

giphy (1)

Classy, girly, and regal–their backyard patio will make you and your guests feel like you’ve been transported straight to the Champs-Élysées!


Our waiter was charming and offered great insight into the menu, as well as detailed suggestions. Are we craving something light and creamy? With chocolate? With fruit? I took his first suggestion (under the category light and creamy) and went with the Millefeuille Vanille. Spoiler alert: it was amazing.

This dessert can best be described as a carmelized puff pastry, featuring vanilla cream. I got a cappuccino to complement it–great decision. The flavors paired really well. Oh and, coffee lovers–rejoice! Ladurée’s coffee is bold!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Luckily, Sarah is okay with sharing and, I can attest to the Harmonie being more than just a pretty face.

I should mention that neither of the desserts we chose were our first choices. Our initial picks were all sold out for the day! However, every time I have come here, I have tried something new, and have had such a great experience each time, I knew there wasn’t any need to be disappointed. We are in good hands!

Within reason, Ladurée just can do no wrong!!

(But I mean like, if you’ve had a bad experience with passion fruit in your past, maybe the passion fruit macaron would be wrong for you, idk.)

Moving on! The Harmonie!
Five stars. (Surprise.)

I told Sarah that I would want to order this for myself next time! Footnote: I love the flavor of pistachio in my desserts. This pistachio macaron-biscuit was balanced perfectly by the tart raspberries on top, and the thin slices of strawberries in between its layers! Ooh la, la! My mouth is literally watering as I type. Sorry.

(Hi Sarah!)

Not a fan of coffee? You’re in luck. The tea selection at Ladurée is really where it’s at. (By that I mean, there’s a wide selection.) Sarah ordered a Black China tea–also via the helpful suggestions of our amiable waiter–and was very happy!

As I mentioned earlier, one of my very favorite experiences at Ladurée was when my sister and I stopped in for tea + the whole shebang. It was a long time ago, but I still remember the dessert I ordered! The Saint Honoré Rose Framboise! (Pastry featuring raspberries, rose petal cream, and rose water whipped cream!)

You know what, if I do some searching… I might be able to find the pics I took that day.

10 minutes later:


Aha! I knew they’d be in here somewhere!

I really wanted to show you this dessert because it speaks to the high level of quality and attention to detail that is, Ladurée.

Can you see the rain drops they decorated the rose petals with?

This place truly is such a treat! You and your girls won’t forget it! It will be an experience you can look back on fondly, and look forward to again.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Thanks for stopping by my blog, everyone! Now that New York City is home (rather than Dallas) it’s time for me to help guide you here! I hope you’ve enjoyed my first post under this category!



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