4 Reasons You’re Going to Be Okay

Hello do-gooder! Why are you being so hard on yourself?
Actually, don’t answer that.
I understand!
Which is why I have compiled the following 4 reasons for you to B-R-E-A-T-H-E.

Reason #1
You Can Move Forward

Feel like you’ve been coming up short in one, or a few, areas lately? Listen, that might be true.
But! Another truth: there is no point in dwelling.

What favors does dwelling do for you in terms of growth? Move on! It’s okay.

If you’re making mistakes, alright, learn from them, and move forward. Your mistakes are making you into the complex, well-learned person you are—take them with you (don’t be ashamed of them), and let them make you better.

But above all, put them BEHIND you.

Unleashed into the wind.
Floating past you on a lily pad.
Whatever your analogy may be.
Let it go so you can move on.

Don’t take yourself so seeeeriously, man!

Photos from a fun morning with @laurelcreative

Reason #2
You Should Be Thankful

Hold the gags, please. This one is true.
Shame on you for not being more loving of yourself!

We are all different, imperfectly perfect (well except GiGi Hadid she is like, unusually perfect), and if you’re feeling like you can never do enough–try to take a couple deep breaths and count your blessings.

Negative thoughts are extremely contagious. (By this I mean our own negative thoughts.) They are more emotionally draining than you think, and they’re triggers for anxiety. You’ve got to believe in yourself and you’ve got to recognize your worth. Negative thoughts about your personality/and, or looks can cloud your judgment and damage your self-esteem without you really realizing it.

(Read for Later: Five Reasons to Love Yourself More)

My point? Putting yourself down for your recent shortcomings isn’t constructive, it’s inhibiting.
And if something or someone isn’t helping you–get rid of it. Yeah?

If you’re already feeling like you’re making mistakes, the last thing you need is negative thoughts weighing you down, and preventing you from overcoming.

It’s going to be okay!
Very soon!
And a pat on your back for caring so much might be something you need.
Thank yourself for caring. You are the reason that you will continue to move up in life and have a positive impact on the lives of others. Because you care about doing well.

You go, Glen Coco!
(Does referencing Mean Girls take away from my credibility? I hope not.)


Reason #3
You Haven’t Been Present

If you feel like you’re not doing enough, chances are you’re pretty stressed.
Eh? Am I right?

If so, I strongly encourage you to take a moment to tune into your surroundings.
Who are you sharing your space with right now? What is directly to your left? What can you hear? Is there an air conditioning vent running, people talking? Go on a walk! Feel the ground making contact with your feet. Look up. Is there wind blowing between the leaves today?

If you feel like you’re not doing enough—then you know what, to hell with it all! (For just a second.) Give yourself a freaking break and tune into your surroundings and make sure you’re feeling ALIVE.

We get pretty bogged down with all of our expectations, modern means of communication, and the need to multitask.

Sometimes, feeling like you’re coming up short, is a byproduct of being spread thin. How many commitments/meetings/friends are you answering to right now?
Maybe you are coming up short because you aren’t fully invested in each avenue you’re pursuing. If you want to give something your all–you have to be present in your pursuit of it. If you’re distracted and thinking about the other tasks you need to complete, you might not get a sense of wholeness from anything that you’re doing.

Breathe. Reset.
Figure out what you need to do in order to be present, in the moment.
Then, you can go tackle life with a fresh mindset.

I am all about being busy. But, if you’re going to live a busy lifestyle, you have to have a mindset that is ready to support it.

New sketchbooks make me happy!

Reason #4
You’re a Good Person

Hi again. You’re a good person! That counts for something, right?

It counts for a lot.

There’s a lot of pressure to do this and do that.
Which is why I would like to remind you that, a lot of our “problems” are man-made. Not to get into the meaning of life–because that is a whole different topic that many philosophers still can’t agree upon… but think about it: what are you here for?

If you don’t feel like you’re doing enough for humanity and society–then by all means, yes, think of ways to do more! (Self-fulfilling tasks = more happiness, less stress) Don’t beat yourself up over work, your looks, what other people have/you don’t, etc. etc.

I know I’m doing a lot of back patting here but, it seems like you deserve it! Look, I am a major advocate of the, “nobody cares, work harder,” way of life. I employ it often. But sometimes you need to assess your complaints in order to reach closure with them.

So, ask yourself: at the end of the day, what is important?

What makes you happy? Are there any of those “little things” that bring you joy? Write them down! Writing down specific, personal things that you love is a mood booster.

-hot showers after going on a run
-cracking the top of crème brûlée
-new socks
-re-reading the Harry Potter series

-going to coffee shops knowing I’m going to be there for hours just to write, and take photos, and listen to music

(those are some safe-for-work ones from my list… hehe)

Who is your best friend? Are you good to them? What’s your favorite book and your favorite movie? What musicians do you like to listen to on repeat? What lyrics inspire you? Who do you consider family? How does it feel to love them?


You are out here. In life. Trying. Figuring things out. Learning from the people before you and learning from yourself. You’re a human! That’s pretty cool. Look at your hands, look at what you have control over, look at what you don’t have control over. There’s a fine line between perfect & imperfect, and it’s okay to inquisitively balance in-between. 

Stop. Pressuring. Yourself. So. Much.

Even if the weight of the world is on you, you have to move forward. Right? Breathe. Make yourself a list of priorities. Seek help. Don’t be afraid to take charge and steer your own fate. Remember, we all have room to grow. Some of us more than others! But that’s life.

And from me to you:
Thank you for all the good things you’ve been trying to do. Thank you for trying! Keep going, follow your intuition, and put time into your talents.

No one else is you. And that’s pretty awesome in itself.

IMG_7429Contrary to popular belief, my Harry Potter-esque glasses are actually prescription




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2 thoughts on “4 Reasons You’re Going to Be Okay

  1. I read this blog post a few times now but now I am reading it again and it’s just so perfectly well written. I enjoy it a lot. And your words are positive but real and it’s really motivational! Can’t wait for more lifestyle related posts.


    1. Mayumi! Hello!! Thank you so much! This means a lot to me 🙂 So I really appreciate you letting me know! You’re motivating me to share more! Xoxo hope you’re having a GREAT weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


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