Ricky Garcia Saves My Damaged Hair With A Blowout + Conditioning Treatment

Since moving to NYC, I’ve been on a bit of a budget.
Even though my hair was severely damaged, brittle, and dry–I didn’t want to pay for a trim. So, I stuck it out until I eventually decided I’d cut it on my own!

(This did not turn out well. I tried to give myself “layers” and ended up giving myself long bangs, if we can even call it that. HA. *serious face*)

A friend referred me to Ricky Garcia who comes to NYC at intervals for pop-ups with Salon Vaso (Miami-based). AND BOY DID I LEARN A LOT.
I’ve never had a blowout before, okay? Don’t judge me.
The above is mind-blowing to many New Yorkers as there is a Dry Bar on almost every corner.

Side note: Rules vary depending on the individual, but in general, you should get trims at 3-month intervals. Which works great for me since that’s about the interval that Ricky comes to NY 🙂

He’ll be back this weekend! June 9th, 11th, and 12th!
Book here: Salon Vaso

I warned Ricky about the challenge ahead. Aside from my hair being unhealthy, the haircut I gave myself was… uneven.


I thought for sure I’d be going back to lob life.
lob /läb/ nounlong bo😉
But Ricky suggested we try salvaging my hair with a couple treatments, and then trim within reason.

I didn’t think this was an option, but apparently oils and conditioning treatments can go a long way! Below is what we started with, the at-home remedies you can use to heal your own hair and keep it frizz-free.


Look at that before pic, y’all.

damnfriday 2

1. Pre-Shampoo Oils
(Your hair is THIRSTY)

Alright, so the big dryer they put around your head isn’t something you have access to at home. It’s okay, you don’t NEED it for this step. If your hair is dry and damaged, it probably looks frizzy, too. There could be several causes for this, but a common one is: lack of moisture. You step outside and your dry hair tries to pull moisture from the air around it, causing it to frizz.

Using the right oils in your hair routine will help your hair to be properly moisturized, and not GASP for WATER. Ricky used an intense hydrating oil from Phyto prior to washing my hair. We let it sit for 15-20 minutes before heading to the shampoo chair.

2. Shampoo and Conditioner
(What to look for)

For this part of our routine, Ricky used Salon Vaso’s Feel CLEAN Shampoo & Feel SMOOTH Conditioner. You want to look for shampoos and conditioners that are paraben-free, and have the proteins + amino acids your hair needs. I’ve been using this shampoo and conditioner since our appointment and love it. The consistency of both products is thick so it’s a little hard to spread/squeeze from the bottle, but I think that comes with using natural ingredients. I let the conditioner set for 3 minutes in the shower (I wash my face etc. while I wait) and then I rinse with cold water.

On days where I’m feeling weak I skip the cold water, ha! But for the most part, I don’t mind. Rinsing with cold water helps trap your hair cuticles, helping your strands to lay smoothly. Not to mention, cold water helps the pores on your skin to contract, making them appear smaller.

3. Hair Mask
(The holy grail)

This is my favorite step.

Usually an extra step wouldn’t be my favorite because, I’m lazy.

nickishrug 2

BUT, this is the step that I feel is really healing my hair, so I look forward to it! You use it once a week, until your hair is all better!

So, after I’m done with all of the above, I apply Salon Vaso’s Feel RESTORED restorative mask MIXED with Alfaparf Milano’s Diamond Illuminating Essential Oil to towel-dried hair, and let it sit for about 20 minutes.

Then I have to hop back in the shower and rinse it off.
Like I said, a little extra effort than what I’m usually down for, but WORTH IT.

7583891360_IMG_9855 (1)

(Ricky’s personality is as pretty as his lashes)

LOL, seriously, I’m so happy to have met this guy.
If you book with him, you are going to get a personable, luxurious experience.
He is sweet, down-to-earth, intelligent, and cares.
I sat there and talked his ear off but he’s the type of stylist that will make you feel comfortable enough to kick back and relax. 10/10 recommend.

You want a hairstylist that is up-to-date on industry standards, knows what products are right for you, and knows that everybody is different! Ricky tailored my haircut to fit my face shape and my style.

THANK YOU Ricky and Team Vaso 🙂

I guess it’s true when they say your hair is 99% of your look! Because I left my appointment feeling prettier than I’ve felt in MONTHS.

Now I’m committed to taking better care of my hair so I can look and feel healthier.

(Do you like how even we look shocked at the transformation?)

If you’re in Miami, book with Salon Vaso! And if you’re in New York, snag a spot with Ricky for this upcoming weekend–June 9th, 11th, or 12th!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.




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