Winter Skincare | Affordable Hydrating Routine from K-Beauty Brand, InnisFree

Ho, ho, ho!

Jk it’s much too early for that. But! The temperatures are dropping and winter is, in fact, almost here. (<– that syntax is me avoiding the “winter is coming” meme)

It’s my second winter in New York and this Asian with characteristically oily skin has finally found herself battling the other side of the skin-diagram:

dry and dehydrated.

It all happened so quickly!
Dull skin, peeling here and there, makeup doesn’t quite blend it just, blahs…
recognize the symptoms?

My skin needed instant relief and it needed it at a small budget.

Enter InnisFree, the eco-friendly Korean Beauty Megabrand that uses all-natural ingredients from JeJu Island. About a year ago, InnisFree found a home for itself in the States. (I even wrote about it! K-Beauty Brand, InnisFree | Coming to America!

Their beautiful flagship store is in New York at 750 Lexington Ave., a spacious storefront situated next to Sephora, and across from Bloomingdales.

InnisFree USA Korean skincare brand new flagship store in new york city at 750 Lexington Ave, NY

I’ve worked with InnisFree a few times in 2018, so at my last trip to their flagship store, I got to know some of the other members of Team InnisFree, and was gifted with the products I’m reviewing in this post~

Fun Fact Going Into This Reading: For $10 you can try everything I review in this post, at the travel-friendly sizes shown in my FoToS. (A Steal)

The Hydrating Serum with Green Tea Seed

is the only product that wasn’t new to me. One of InnisFree’s best sellers, I’ve been using this serum for about a year now and love its calm, cooling effects.

The nice, fresh smell is something I look forward to as apart of my morning routine. It also probably helps provide the feeling of instant relief and refresh I associate with this product. (It reminds me of cucumber and sweet citrus, although the key ingredients are green tea seed oil and green tea extract from Korea’s famous, Jeju Island.)

Without making claims toward its longterm effects, I can say the short term effects of this product are: calmed, awakened senses, a boost in tone, and a soothe to dry skin.

Travel-sized InnisFree Hydrating Serum with Green Tea seed oil and Jeju Island Green Tea Extract

(The full-size green tea serum is priced at $25, and in my humble opinion, worth trying. But if you’d like to play a little first, you can start with the 1-oz. version included in the $10 Hydration Kit I mentioned earlier.)


The Hydrating Cleansing Foam With Green Tea

beauty blogger Natalie Szczechowski InnisFree Hydrating Cleansing Foam with Green Tea from Jeju Island

Using their own green tea extract sourced from their green tea fields on Jeju Island instead of filtered water (as many cleansers do) this foaming cleanser is geared toward hydration. (And like the serum, smells so good! Love lathering with this in the shower.)

Infused with white clay, the Hydrating Cleanser makes my skin feel squeaky clean, but not stripped. 

When I started using this, my skin was really dry. So I was always following up with the serum and moisturizers, and felt great.

There was one or two times during this process where I couldn’t moisturize right after washing my face, and while I could feel the difference (aka, I do need the serums/moisturizers for my skin to feel good), I also noted that I wasn’t *uncomfortable.

When my skin was feeling its most dry, if I washed my face and couldn’t moisturize right after, my skin would feel tight and irritated.

So, luckily, it’s just taking a little extra effort to manage my dry skin right now.

The Intensive Hydrating Cream
with Green Tea Seed and the Hydrating
Sleeping Mask


Omg omg omg.

*Jay-Z voice* Holy grail!

Both the Intensive Hydrating Cream and the Hydrating Sleeping Mask are fantastic.

The cream, physically, looks heavier than the sleeping mask (which looks more like a gel). However, the cream goes on lightweight and smooth. It’s not heavy, it feels ultra-moisturzing, and gives me a dewy finish, that doesn’t look like oil.

I now use the Intensive Cream in both my morning and evening routine. (I’m also using InnisFree’s Moisturizing Primer $13 as a base to my makeup)

So in the evening, after cleansing and using my topical acne product, I then proceed with the Intensive Cream, and lastly the Sleeping Mask.

One more time:

*Jay-Z voice* Holy Grail!

Innisfree hydrating sleeping mask with green tea photos and review by Natalie Szczechowski New York City
innisfree korean beauty hydrating sleeping mask with jeju island green tea all-natural

If your skin is in the dry skin danger zone, do yourself a favor, and go with this sleeping mask. The full-size is $19, and like the other products in this regimen, a little goes a long way.

The amount included in the $10 hydration kit is a little less than 1oz., so if you opt for that, you’ll see just how far a small amount of this miracle mask can go.

It is so soothing! At first I was a little weirded out by the texture–it has little specks in it! I’m not sure if that’s the natural sugars mentioned in the ingredients or not, but that would make sense.

But after applying, the texture wasn’t weird to sleep in at all. It absorbs nicely and didn’t inconvenience me at all. When I first started using it, I woke up in the morning, with notably calmer, moisturized skin.

I have the full-sized version and my skin just feels so much better than it did at the end of October. My skin isn’t dry during the day, my skin hasn’t been over-producing oil to make up for dehydration, my makeup goes on smoothly. Good sh*t.

InnisFree Hydration Kit with Green Tea K-beauty review Natalie Szczechowski

If you’re battling dry skin, if you’re looking for gift ideas, or an intro into K-beauty, I hope that there was something in this post for you!

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions, as always, please feel free to let me know in the comments below!



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